Youth to the Census report of 2011, every

Youth power is the most important factor for a country’s
growth. However, it is not a cakewalk to nurture young adults. It involves a
lot of care and responsibility. One of the difficult parts of taking care of
adolescents is to prepare them on the lines of sexuality. Sex education is a
very sensitive issue to step on. If not given in the right light, it could have
serious impacts on young adults’ lives.


It becomes highly important to have sex education as part of
the curriculum for students. Teenage is the age around when the entire concept
of sexuality and gender gets questioned. Wrong notions are passed and
assumptions are made. Without proper guidance, it can become very easy for
students to go astray. In fact, with proper sex education, crimes like rape and
assault can be avoided. A basic form of sex education is mandatory in most of
the countries. India is one of the fewest countries that do not give much
importance to the issue.

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According to the Census report of 2011, every fifth person
in India is an adolescent i.e. 10 to 19 years old. With almost 190 million
young adults in India, it becomes very necessary to invest in sex education for
them, but that is not the situation here. Of course it can’t be forgotten that
30% of almost all the adolescents in India are illiterate and education itself
is an unaffordable luxury for them. If that is the situation, those who do go
to schools must be receiving some form of sex education, but even that is not


The lack of awareness of sex education in India can be
blamed due to the wayward and highly conservative thinking of Indians when it
comes to the word, ‘sex’. People tend to avoid any conversation on sex. Parents
do not want to talk about it, as they find it repulsive and unnecessary for
children and teachers are reluctant to teach about it due to the awkwardness
involved. “I feel that the minds of students of such age should not be
polluted. It is unwanted and not necessary for their age. Our society has
always been like this, so it is not easy to change the way we think. Even
though it sounds all great, I personally would not want my children to know too
much about this,” says Radha A, a mother of two.


In fact, it is no wonder that this deep-rooted backward
thinking of us that led the government on December 11, 2017 to even come up
with banning condom advertisements on TVs between 6 am to 10 pm. Quoting that
condom ads are “vulgar,” the government did not want children to watch such
content. The issue was not received well by the masses. The population of India
is not a small number and has been rapidly increasing all this while. According
to the 2015 and 2016 report by the National Family Health Survey, contraception
usage has been gradually decreasing. With such inverse reactions, Indian
economy can never grow.


Even the usage of contraception is an important lesson to be
learned and with our immense repulsion towards discussing sex, we will end up
nowhere. “Sex education should be made compulsory. I feel that guys will start
treating girls in a well behaved manner. Sex is a biological process that
everyone in India has taken in a wrong way,” says Kirthika Raghu, an


In India, sex education has been incorporated into the existing
studies. However, neither is any importance given to the lessons nor is there
any useful information on the subject. The most common complaint received by
students was that even the existing lessons were not being taught by teachers. “It
would have not been a big thing if they had properly educated us about it. It’s
obvious when something is not properly talked about, we will get curious. The
entire emotion could change. Even I had a wrong idea about sex until I got to
know what it actually is,” says Barath G, a 20-year-old college student.


When asked about his thoughts on sex education in India, Rakesh
Babu, principal of Vidya Ratna PTS Mat. Hr. Sec. School says, “In India the
success of a scheme lies in how a word is coined. That is why sex education is
also termed as ‘Adolescent Education Programme’ here. The fear that western
thoughts are invading India is the reason why politicians do not want this
programme. AEP is very essential for every student. Just like how a job
provides economic empowerment to a person, AEP gives psychological


What suited our lives before does not entirely mean it has
to be the same now. Times have changed our ideologies and the way we think. The
problem is when people of different thought process clash. India is in the
verge of westernization, but still stuck in the past. With different way of
thinking, clashes cannot be avoided. Sex education is a concept that is, sadly
but true, still hard to accept. The very notion is seen in a wrong light by
many. The word ‘sex’ throws people off and hence the aversion to it. However,
sex education is not just about sexual intercourse! Reproductive health,
sanitation, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and puberty are some
of the vast topics under sex education.


The way sex ed has been incorporated into everyday subjects
in India is a very refreshing idea, but how far has it been reaching is a murky
question. Due to the immense awkwardness of Indians when it comes to sensitive
subjects, sex education has not been targeted well. A simple solution that
could be taken up by the government is to handle sex education or also known as
Adolescent Education Programme (AEP) in an individual manner. Perhaps by
allotting separate hours and teachers, they could reach more students
effectively. The way we put forth things can change the entire perspective of
how a thing is viewed. A specialized teacher, preferably both male and female
based on their audience, could cope up with the anxiety of talking about delicate


It shall do a great deal to the way young adults grow up if
sex education is given more importance in India. It shapes the way people think
and behave. Of course, it will do a great deal if the very subject is treaded
upon carefully. Just like how the government clarified that educational
material of contraception can be advertised, sex ed should be treated in a very
bland, educational manner. Sex education, along with its morals and values are
required to not develop future Indians, but to nurture empowered human beings. 


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