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You see, not all fathers are the same and we can always say that our very own Papa is not like everyone else.In this Father’s Day special feature, however, we tried our best to give you the seven kinds of Pinoy dads we know you can relate to.Here’s our list: Alin kaya dito ang Papa mo? Or if you are a father reading this, anong number ka kaya?The Yes Dad Ito yung mga tatay na hindi humihindi—hindi ka kayang hindian. Kaunting lambing—minsan, hindi pa nga kailangan—yes na agad. BUT—Yes Dads are very smart, too. Sometimes, when they really, really have to say no—they will still say yes, but give you certain conditions. Reasonable naman ang mga conditions, at dahil love mo si Yes Dad, susunod ka nang buong puso. So, everybody is happy!The Don’t-Tell Mom Dad Now this dad is your partner-in-crime. Partners all the way! Napakaraming alam na kalokohan nitong tatay na’ to—but not to the point of getting you into serious trouble. Of course, he is your dad, he wants the best for you.You can do everything fun with Don’t-Tell-Mom Dad—you know, fun things mom would never allow you to do. They want you to experience all that happy, carefree days. He will encourage you to do things you’ve never done before and get out of your comfort zone. Take on that adventure, he would say.Pero kahit ganyan sya, he would still worry about you. And the best part is, when you stumble or get hurt because of all those risks you have taken, he will be the first to come rushing to comfort you and assure you it’s all going to be okay. He’s got your back—no matter what.(By the way, there’s a good chance they tell your mom all that kalokohan, too. But he will take all that sermon for you.)The On-The-Dot Dad “Saan ka pupunta? Eight o’clock nasa bahay ka na dapat.” Sounds scary, right? But no, we have that daddy who can be very strict and very quiet—like a military man. People may think mahirap magkaroon ng tatay na ganito—pero to be honest, sobrang dali lang naman.All you have to do is respect his rules. Hindi naman mahirap magpaalam sa kanya, lalo na kung alam nya at kampante sya na you won’t break his trust. Hindi rin sya mahirap kausap, just always be honest.With On-The-Dot dads, you will learn those precious values in life—and sooner or later, you will thank your dad for being so protective.The Chef Dad Sarap magluto—sobra. You would rather go MIA on your weekend party with friends than miss Tatay’s kare-kare, or bulalo, or menudo. No restaurant menu could ever compare to his culinary hit list.The thing is, Chef Dads lovingly cook for the entire family no matter how tiring the daily grind is. No matter how much he wanted to rest on weekends—magluluto at magluluto pa rin sya para sa lahat.The Geek Dad You know how challenging it is to buy gifts for men, in general, right? Never with a Geek Dad. You would always know what to get a Geek Dad, dahil lagi namang may merchandise na available for his favorite Marvel or DC comic characters—well, that is kung comic geek sya.Kung computer or gadget geek naman siya, there’s always the latest tool he can play with. If he loves his video games, he’ll be very happy with the latest NBA game.Geek Dads are so easy to please—and with them, you’ll always have that dash of magic and fantasy in your life.The Sneakerhead Dad Hah! Now this father has always been the first in line in shoe releases. He can be like any other dad mentioned above, really. But one thing we guarantee you, if you have a Sneakerhead Dad, expect to have your own pair of his latest sneaker. Sa sobrang pagka-sneakerhead nila, they would be very happy to share the fandom. As soon as their kids start walking—ibili na ng Jordan yan! Kahit babae pa ang baby—go! What a perk, right?The Best Dad We could go on and on about all the other kinds of dads—but we know your dad is the Best in every way. Kaya nga mahal na mahal mo sya, hindi ba?Your tatay can definitely be all of the above, and more—because they are superhumans like that.Happy Father’s Day! Give them the most perfect day today—because we all know they deserve it. 


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