Yeah Right

Right. Time to clean that dump of a room. I haven’t been in there for ages now but I’m really not sure why. I wonder what new species of mould and fungi have developed in there. I don’t want to think about that now, especially after last night. I had so much to drink and don’t get me started on the drugs. Anyway, back to cleaning that room. I’m too scared to even open the door. Oh well. Here I go… OUCH! God that hurt. I wasn’t expecting an ironing board to fall on me! I always wondered why things hurt more when you never knew it was going to happen. I think I’ve really hurt my leg. Maybe I should go to the doctors.

Or maybe I won’t. He’ll know I was drinking so much and doing all of them drugs last night, especially with all of his high tech gadgets. I am a student, isn’t that what we do, get drunk and stoned every night? Time to sort out the things I do need from the things I don’t need in here. What’s this? A hover? I really cannot remember buying this, let alone using it. Oh well if I haven’t hovered yet, now isn’t the time to start. This room is full of junk; it’s full of antiques. There so old now they must be worth nothing. This room is just rubbish, upon rubbish, sprinkled with a fine layer of dust. Sounds a bit like a cake to me.

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Not very tasty though. Yeah Right. Not this. It can’t be. It is as well. My old school bag full of notes, books and broken pencils. I’m going to go and rummage through and see what I can find. This sofa really does stink. I’ve never really noticed it before. But I guess since I had a shower this morning the smell stands out over the scent of herbal essences. The whole flat stinks actually, but I’m not a good spring cleaner myself so I’ll try and get my mum to come up one day and clean it. Forget about it now, back down memory lane. If I can remember correctly, this is where I kept all of the… BINGO!

Exactly where I guessed they would be, in the side zip compartment in the hidden pocket. The notes from the girls! Not many here. I’ve always never been a ladies man myself. Still single at the moment, I am very picky with my girls. What’s this one? I remember the handwriting. Alice Taylor. She was a stunner. Maybe her number is on one of the notes. Forget it. As if she is going to have the same number as five years ago! I’m getting bored now. I’ll have a break. Go to town or something. For god’s sake, how long is this bus going to be? Finally it’s here. What a rip off. I used to pay seventy pence to get to town with my mates.


I'm Simon!

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