When prostitution. Priestly wanted to create a change

When the ladies leave the men to their port, Mr Birling has a ‘man to man’ chat with Gerald 

‘An Inspector Calls’ was written by J.B Priestly in 1945, but is set in
1912 before WWI during the Edwardian period. Social responsibility is the idea
that people should take care of each other and take responsibility for their
actions. It is a message that Priestly was trying to convey to the audience, and
he cleverly does this by voicing his opinions through the different characters,
especially the inspector.

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Through the younger generation of the Birling
family, Priestly shows that we can change and learn to become socially
responsible. Sheila and Eric both learn to accept their part in Eva’s death,
and as a result they regret their actions. In the opening stage directions Priestly
describes Sheila as a “a pretty girl in her early
twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited”, and by the end of the
play she becomes a mature intelligent woman, aware of her responsibilities. An
example of this is when Sheila is sympathetic towards the lower class when Mr
Birling wanted to lower their wages and increase the prices. This is seen when
she says “These girls aren’t cheap labour – they’re people” The words ‘they’re
people’ shows that Sheila sees everyone as equal, and that people should care
and be responsible for their workers. This scene was perhaps influenced by
Priestley’s experience working in a factory which gave him an insight into the
lives of the poor, and therefore a sense of responsibility towards them. There
was no Welfare system to help the poor at the time, so firing someone,
especially a woman meant that they would have had to turn to prostitution. Priestly
wanted to create a change in society and make the upper class feel more responsible
to the other people in lower classes. When Sheila found out that she played a
part in Eva’s death due to her actions in Milwards, she felt very guilty and was
willing to take the blame. “So I’m really responsible    


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