When personalities and figures. Some of the strangest

Whenevil attempts to ruin the peace of the world, someone must step up and fightback.

Now, you’re probably thinking of your average super-hero. Like Supermanor Captain America. But those heroes are a work of fiction.

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This essay willinstead, be talking about one of many heroes throughout our history. What makesa hero you ask? Loyalty, an incredible sense of righteousness, a personalitythat everybody loves and great generosity. Not only should a hero act capable,but they look and sound capable too.

They’re the kind of people that you’d looktoward and want to become as a kid, a shining beacon of good morals. But, not every hero is like that. Many heroes have differentpersonalities and figures. Some of the strangest people – people you wouldn’teven expect – can become heroes too.

The hero who I have chosen to write andtalk about is the commander-in-chief who led our armies in Revolutionary War.The man who helped win our freedom from Great Britain and her army. The man whobecame the first President of our great and striving country! This man, is noneother than George Washington himself. Anyone who is an American is aware of GeorgeWashington and his accomplishments.

We owe a lot of the freedoms we have todayto him. That’s why I see him as my hero. And I’m going to explain why he shouldbe yours as well! My first reasoning has to do with obstacles.

Drawbacks or problemsthat a hero must deal with. At the start of the Revolutionary War, GeorgeWashington had to decide whether to join the patriots or stay loyal with Great Britain.Despite having known many both powerful and prestigious men from Britain,Washington still chose to fight for the freedom of the colonies. He strongly despisedthe violence and political injustice Britain used.

This is only one of the difficultiesthat George Washington had to overcome. My next reasoning has to do with courage.A hero cannot be one without courage.  AndGeorge Washington remarkably possesses this strong trait. A perfect example of his valor is seen in the Battle ofMonongahela. Even with two of his horses destroyed, he still pulls off a tacticalretreat.

Because of this, he is given the title, “the Hero of Monongahela”. Notonly that, but due to his impressive actions, he was awarded and officially named,”Commander-In-Chief of the Virginia”. My last and final reasoning is hisleadership in not only commanding our armies in Revolutionary War, but also leadingour country as President afterwards. Upon becoming the Commander-in-Chief ofthe Continental Army, he found that the army was poorly trained and under-supplied,to which to he worked hard to turn this around and instead build a much strongerand more supplied army. After achieving many victories, Great Britain had noother choice but to declare their surrender.

The world would soon be aware of GeorgeWashington and the colonies accomplishment, for they had done the impossible.They had defeated the most powerful military on the planet!


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