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She looked queeraˆ¦as if she didnt know what she was traveling to make next, is the description Mr. Hale gives of Minnie upon come ining the house and hearing that John Wright has been murdered. Twenty old ages earlier, Minnie Foster was a beautiful miss with the nicest apparels and had a beautiful voice that could be heard in the church choir. Minnie Foster went on to get married John Wright.

Unbeknownst to her at the clip, the freshly Mrs. Wright was in for 20 old ages of maltreatment, both physical and psychological.If a individual were to psychologically analyse the character of Minnie Wright, they would instantly compose her off as wholly huffy, reasoning that after two decennaries of injury Minnie Wright was driven to the threshold of insanity by assorted signifiers of maltreatment.

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Although on first glimpse a individual may see the actions taken by Minnie Wright to be wholly insane and aberrant, nevertheless, farther survey would propose that due to two decennaries of assorted signifiers of domestic maltreatment at the custodies of her hubby, the significant intent for the actions of Minnie was to salvage her staying saneness and to get away a life of mere physical being.While ne’er explicitly stated in the narrative, Glaspell gives legion yet elusive indicants that John Wright was opprobrious towards his married woman Minnie throughout their twenty old ages of matrimony. To suitably understand the nature of domestic force, Lillian Schanfield, writer of the article “ The Case of the Battered Wife: Susan Glaspell ‘s ‘Trifles ‘ and ‘A Jury of Her Peers, ‘ ” describes a symbolic wheel called the “ Power and Control Wheel. ” The radiuss of the wheel consist of nine of the most common opprobrious tactics including physical, sexual, emotional, economic, verbal, and isolation ( 71 ) . By using the “ Power and Control Wheel, ” it becomes apparent that John Wright wanted power and control throughout their matrimony. Through the text, John displayed at least three of these tactics toward his married woman Minnie.Although physical maltreatment is ne’er addressed straight in the narrative, Glaspell gives several dispositions to the thought that John Wright was cold and temperamental.

After scrutinization of the chief description of John Wright, it can be seen that Glaspell chose those words specifically to convey something farther. “ [ H ] vitamin E was a difficult adult male, Mrs. Peters. Just to go through the clip of twenty-four hours with him — aˆ¦Like a natural air current that gets to the bone ” ( 188 ) . The description given by Glaspell blatantly describes John Wright as cold, detached, and perchance violent. Another point of grounds for the theory that John Wright was physically opprobrious towards his married woman was the show of his pique. Harmonizing to Schanfield, Mr. Wright most likely was physically opprobrious in his matrimony to Minnie because his pique is seen in the broken birdcage and the hotheaded choking of the songster ( 72 ) .

Besides, Mrs. Hale says, A ” No, Wright would n’t wish the bird, ” she said after that — ” a thing that American ginseng. She used to sing. He killed that excessively. ” ( Glaspell 190 ) . The fact that Glaspell uses the word “ putting to death ” when depicting an interaction between hubby and married woman gives the thought that he perchance forced her to make what he wanted, possibly by physical force. The possibility of physical maltreatment is of import because it becomes another ground of grounds why Minnie was moving in self-defence.

Schanfield notes, since it is really possible that John was physically opprobrious with Minnie, it is non excessively far-reaching to believe that he might hold killed her in a minute of his pique ( 73 ) . Therefore, the possibility of physical maltreatment is a ground why Minnie had to move in self-defense as a agency of self-preservation.In add-on to the possibility of physical maltreatment at the custodies of her hubby, Minnie Wright was besides subjected to a lesser known signifier of domestic force called economic maltreatment. In those yearss, one time a adult female got married, she had no signifier of income ; she became simply belongings of her hubby. Therefore, if a adult male wanted to asseverate laterality over his “ belongings, ” he could merely keep back as much fiscal aid as possible. The maltreatment seen from an economic point of view can be first seen in the broken range. The work that farm adult females had to make in those yearss would hold merely been exacerbated if it had to be done with a broken range. The broken range was non repaired for deficiency of financess because harmonizing to Mrs.

Hale, Wright was financially stable ( Glaspell 188 ) . To do work harder on his married woman simply because he did non desire to pass money on mending a range shows that John Wright non merely did non care about his married woman but besides indicates marks of authoritative sadism. In add-on to the range, economic maltreatment can be seen in the vesture John would purchase for Minnie. Harmonizing to Mrs. Hale, Minnie ‘s closet was dilapidated and unkempt. “ [ H ] olding up a moth-eaten black skirt that bore the Markss of much devising over [ , ] “ I think possibly that ‘s why she kept so much to herself. I s’pose she felt she could n’t make her portion ; and so, you do n’t bask things when you feel moth-eaten ” ( Glaspell 184 ) .

The description of her closet shows that Minnie was non given nice apparels because John would non pass money on her. Hence, the superciliousness with which John treated Minnie farther suggests that Minnie was expendable in his eyes and that Minnie might hold to move in self-defense to the extent of his decease. Besides alluded to by Mrs. Hale is the fact that because Minnie felt “ shabby, ” she remained in isolation from the remainder of the town.Possibly the strongest signifier of maltreatment that John Wright wrought upon Minnie was through multiple beds of isolation. The house where John Wright and Minnie Wright lived in was isolated from the full town.

Mary M. Bendel-Simso writes in her article “ Twelve Good Men or Two Good Womans: Concepts of Law and Justice in Susan Glaspell ‘s ‘A Jury of Her Peers, ‘ ” that the two adult females speak of how alone it must hold been. John Wright brought Minnie to a only house that could non be seen from the route. ( n. pag. ) . By seting her in a house on the outlying parts of town, John Wright was able to insulate his married woman from interaction with neighbours.

Mr. Wright displays his isolation attempts openly. Mr. Hale recalls John Wright stating that, “ all he asked [ for ] was peace and quiet ” ( Glaspell 179 ) . Schanfield points out that Mr.

Hale was hesitating about speaking to Mr. Wright about put ining a telephone for Minnie because even Mr. Hale knew that Mr. Wright did non care for the wants of his married woman in add-on to non desiring her to pass on with the outside universe ( 74 ) . If Minnie Wright had a telephone to pass on with others, she would hold been able to speak to her friends and household and be able to reconstruct her sense of self-efficacy in add-on to holding the ability to talk out about the maltreatment that John was afflicting on her.

Schanfield continues on to state that John Wright could hold besides wanted Minnie to remain stray because his maltreatment would hold been less noticeable to the town if her kept her concealed off ( 72 ) . If she were ne’er in town on a regular footing, things like contusions, lacerations, and even moth-eaten apparels would travel unnoticed. After puting Minnie in a distant location, John Wright furthered his control by insulating her from all societal interaction. Elaine Hedges writer of article, “ Small Thingss Reconsidered: Susan Glaspell ‘s ‘A Jury of Her Peers, ‘ ” notes that another maneuver of isolation utilized by John Wright was the fact that he forced Minnie to halt vocalizing in the church choir ( n. pag. ) . In add-on to being barred from go toing church and vocalizing in the choir, Hedges besides points out that Minnie was non a member of the Ladies Aid even though she was an devouring quilter ( n.

pag. ) . Besides, as antecedently mentioned, Minnie merely had shabby apparels, fostering societal isolation. John Wright literally stopped all societal interaction Minnie had prior to their matrimony.

Potentially, John Wright could hold done anything he wanted to his married woman without intervention from anyone. Arguably the most effectual signifier of isolation used by John Wright on Minnie was that John Wright refused to hold kids. During those times, a adult female was to maintain the house and take attention of the kids, multiple kids.

By John striping Minnie of kid raising, he was drastically mistreating Minnie emotionally because he practically stripped her of her individuality, fostering her isolation and solitariness. After enduring two decennaries of isolation, in add-on to economic and perchance physical maltreatment, the mind of Minnie Wright must hold been near to a breakage point. Because of these old ages of maltreatment, it becomes more clear that Minnie acted out of self-defence of and for her saneness instead than a deficiency thereof.After twenty long old ages of consistent and relentless maltreatment, Minnie Wright eventually fights back and kills her hubby John Wright out of defence for herself and justness for the actions of her hubby.

Although many may reason that Minnie Wright was merely insane, psychologist Charles Patrick Ewing says that “ [ B ] attered adult females who kill their batterers have been often beatenaˆ¦those who kill seem more like to hold been socially isolated by their batterers ” ( 583-584 ) . As seen in the text, Minnie Wright was both socially isolated and most likely physically beaten by her hubby John Wright. Ewing besides says that most adult females who undergo this type of maltreatment normally feel as if their assurance is crushed and their isolation is eternal. ( 585 ) . However, after a period of clip some act will happen that will do the victim to take action against their batterer. Researcher Angel Browne discovered that “ existent force from the victim was normally triggered by a unusual and unusual act committed by the maltreater beyond the fury. ” ( qtd in Schanfield 80 ) .

In this instance, the decease of the songster replaced what in most instances would be a kid that caused Minnie to interrupt out of the rhythm and seek justness on the maltreater. Because she was childless, the songster was the lone thing in the universe that Minnie valued and seeing her hubby slaying the songster was plenty for her to recognize that since John was willing to kill the lone thing that she loved it was possible that he might acquire angry plenty to kill her which was plenty to contend back. After that minute, Ewing besides argues that with no agencies of flight, a pick is placed on the victim ( 1 ) kill the batterer or themselves, or ( 2 ) continue a wholly purposeless physical being, besides known as “ partial decease ” ( 586-587 ) .

Ewing besides states that “ [ T ] he victim has been so traumatized that distinction between physical “ life ” and psychological “ ego ” is impossible. When the “ ego ” of the victim is threatened, the victim responds with force for saving because “ life ” and “ ego ” are inseparable ” ( qtd. in Schanfield 76 ) . Therefore by seeing the psychological facets of victims of domestic maltreatment, it becomes apparent that Minnie was moving out of self-defence instead than insanity sing the decease of John Wright.John Wright married Minnie Foster and, for 20 old ages, was her maltreater and batterer.

After being abused both psychologically and physically for two decennaries, Minnie Foster battles back and defended herself from the monster who could hold killed her and about destroyed her psychologically. For this ground possibly, Glaspell writes those first words depicting Minnie, “ aˆ¦ as if she did n’t cognize what she was traveling to make following ” ( Glaspell 180 ) because for the first clip in twenty old ages, she was free.


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