When a process is being automated. He also

the researcher asked about using Automation in Work, the respondent replied
that, Using or implying Automation in work is very good in todays trend and
scenario. Because the requirement of the cline is also like that, to produce
large number of goods with the accurate quality is the major thing they look
for. As it is said too much of anything is not good, likewise, too much of
automation is also not good for the organisation, because certain things need
to be addressed by human being.

answering the question for the Negativity of Automation, He also said that,
there is no Negative impact on Automation, because this have two benefits to
the organisation and also for the employees. The benefit to the Organisation is
producing accurate and large number of products. This keeps a benchmark of the
name of the organisation on client’s side. When client think of this
organisation, they also think about the type of machines we had and the quality
we give. On the other hand, this also benefit the employee by making them work
with a low range of manual work. When an employee work on a normal manual
machine, they have to put lot of human effort, which made him tired after some
point of time. When the employee works on the automated machine, he will be
monitoring the products in the line, and feed the machine with the raw material
which will be turned to the finished product.

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the Respondent answering the question regarding the retrenchment, He said that,
Maximum they will try to retain the employee when a process is being automated.
He also answered the same for the question the reason for the probable growth
of joblessness. He said that it is not that an employee loses his job just
because of process being when automation is implied. The skill set of the employee
also matter a lot on the factor of his job sustenance. And yes, Automation also
contribute to the joblessness of the employees but in a much smaller level, the
maximum part of this is because the employee does not have much skills to cope
up with the recent update in the current industry trend. He also said that the
rate of retrenchment due to the automation is very less, we will somehow manage
to retain the employees by giving some work in different process.

process is getting automated now and then, initially we had people who work in
separate divisions to make a single product, which consumes about four work man
to make a single product, when one person cut, other person will work on
drilling, when that is finished, then one will be working on the compression
machine to apply tension on the product. Apart from this the QC team will be
working on the Quality of the product. This was the scenario in early stage,
but t when the technology got updated, we move to a machine called single
spindle, which reduces the work to an extent, then we bought double splidel,
which took over the forty percent of the manual work of the employee in that
process, and the latest machine we have is 5 spindel machine which is the
costly machine handled only by two persons, but in reality the machine has
potential to do the work of seven workmen which is reduced to two employees.
Every organisation will look for the updating the machines in their process,
for the betterment of the rate of production.

answering the question of the requirement of the future industry and the
employee growth, He said that, as for my observation it is not so hard to for
an employee to adapt to new process which is automated. We also provide
trainings for the employee to work in the machine, the training will be
conducted to the employee to work on automated machines the employee need to complete
the course and get certified from the trainer that he can work on the specific
machine, some training will be conducted as on the job training where people
will be working with the people who know how to work on the particular machine.
The training will be mostly off the job training, since it is a certified
course, the employee will be taught in the classroom and then brought to the
machine for the practical knowledge. The future industry also requires person
working with both the knowledge and skill, Automation is in a fast phase moving
into every industry. The industry and the employees should be ready to meet the
future demands of the industry.


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