People scientist or a philosopher, in fact anyone

People are curious about a lot of things, some of which are dangerous to understand. “What is life?” is the question that should not be asked, otherwise the harmony and balance with the surrounding world can be lost. Life is too complex to fully explain it from one point of view. A scientist or a philosopher, in fact anyone can provide their own view of life. Each of those views will be different and will describe only one aspect of the manifold life.

If one sees life only as a chain of chemical reactions, there remains no place for dreams or miracles in it. And if life seems to be based only on existence of soul, then its physical aspects get no explanation. People and animals are not the only beings that possess life. Objects can also have life: for example, works of art and literature are sometimes seen as living beings. Theatrical plays are born anew interpreted by different casts. Portraits are seen differently by different viewers. Does this personal attitude to things mean that they have a life of their own? It is dangerous to question the essence of life because one becomes unsure of the established views on life. One starts doubting if one’s own understanding of life is correct, and as a result, one turns off the usual path.

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The search for another understanding of life may be destructive to previously harmonious being. One should choose questions to ask carefully. Trying to reveal the mystery of life may lead to losing one’s way in its breathtaking diversity.


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