Week functional organization approach is lack of project

Week 2 Assignment

are many advantages and disadvantages of the functional, matrix, and dedicated
team approaches to managing projects. 
First I’ll start with the advantages of a functional organization
approach.  In a functional organization,
the employees are arranged by specialty and report to a functional manager.  Specialties can be further divided into focused
departments.  Each department will work independently
from other specialized departments.   The projects assigned are completed inside
their organization.  One advantage is
flexibility.  Employees can be assigned
to different projects.  It doesn’t necessary
have to be only one project.  Management
can prioritize and assign whatever projects are required to be completed.  Another advantage in the functional organization
approach is an employee’s skillset.  If
employees have been correctly assigned, their skill set can be used competently
to complete the project.

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disadvantage to functional organization approach to this is lack of focus.  A functional organization may prioritize different
than the project the employee is deployed to.  This may cause a delay in schedule.  Another disadvantage to the functional organization
approach is lack of project ownership. 
Employees tens to have low motivation because a project may seem like a
distraction from their regular daily duties. 

matrix organizational approach has a blend of functional and project appearances.  The advantage to a matrix organization
approach is the stronger focus to the project. 
This is due to a functional manager and project manager assigned to the
project.  Employees are utilized and shared
in a more flexible manner between functional areas and other projects.  There is a reduction in cost compared to the
team approach because there are no longer duplicate jobs.

disadvantage to the matrix organization approach is that there may be a strain between
the functional manager and project manager. 
They tend to work closely together and may differ in opinion.  This may also be hard for the employees as
well because one may direct a different way than the other.  Another disadvantage to the matrix
organization is sharing resources within the organization.  This may cause conflict because resources may
be hard to obtain. 

only purpose to a dedicated team approach is the completion of a project.  An advantage to the dedicated team approach
is the completion of a project with no distractions.  Another advantage to a dedicated team
approach is the strong focus to the project. 
The Project Manager has the authority to control and make the decisions involving
the project.  Projects are completed at a
quicker pace and the project has highly motivated employees due to the common
goal to a successful project.

disadvantage to a dedicated team is that the project is more expensive to complete
due to double the effort within the organization.  Another disadvantage is that employees can express
strong loyalty to the project and detach with the parent company.  When the project is complete, it may be
difficult to catch up with new changes that have occurred during their absence with
the project.



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