We worker. By giving proper care and attention

We have to understand that what inspires the
children’s behaviour and we need to direct children by introducing some alternatives
to corporal punishment. Since, corporal punishment is ineffectual method for
discipline. There are some alternatives for corporal punishment to teach, discipline,
and correct children which does not include any physical abuse (Schille, 1992).

Create awareness
to children about problem solving and social skills.

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To promote
critical thinking and social aptitudes for children use social reinforces like
teacher criticism, upgrading activities and peer pressure.

Apply coherent
results that will instruct students’ individual responsibility for enhancing
their activities and skills.

Arrange problem-solving
tutorial room meetings and assemblies to discuss difficulties and mould
students to handle their problems and build them a responsible individual.

Launch specific
strategies to accomplish well communication between parents and children. So
that they can easily share their problems and needs to their parents; henceforth,
there reduces the communication gap between them and can build a proactive bridge
among them.

Use positive reinforcement
approach to teach students to uphold and effectively using there critical
thinking abilities.

motivational classes, seminars and documentaries for stimulating children good behaviours
and aptitudes.

Consider those
students who show some weird behaviour in their character, and refer those children
to psychologists, counsellor, and social worker.  By giving proper care and attention to such students,
we can bring them back to the actual life and enhance their critical thinking abilities
and make them a good individual.

Apply Positive
discipline method which is another alternative for directing kids.  It is done by controlling and focusing their psychological
and mental needs. It also points to enable children to take actions for creating
sound judgment and comprehend why those choices were to their greatest

All these alternatives for corporal punishment
will improve youngsters’ behaviours and their critical thinking skills, and also
help them to maintain a good relationship between their parents and society. A
proper guidance and correction is very essential for the children to being a
good human being in the society.


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