We image — a time capsule in which

met when I was in elementary school. I found it on the top shelf in
the living room. I flipped the screen and hit the record button. It
was the moment I knew we would be best friends for a long time. Ever
since then, we were inseparable: Canon camera, helping me to show my
perspective on the world, and me, standing behind or in front of the

making always seemed a lot magical to me than photography. I felt
like a magician every time I captured a moving image —
a time capsule in which everything will remain the same forever. I
loved removing focus from inessential objects, editing video after,
and adding color correction to make the image appear brighter. Over
the years, I introduced these features to my everyday life: I learned
to remove focus from avoidable items and to add a correction to my
thoughts to make things appear brighter.

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years later, I moved from keeping videos to myself and family to
posting them online. Since I always enjoyed being creatively
challenged, I found myself in producing «Do It Yourself» videos,
making everything: from room decor to Christmas presents, from
decorating school supplies to healthy breakfasts. Putting a lot of
effort into filming process and spending nights examining my
statistics paid back: the number of subscribers started growing.

Besides being interested in creative part of the process, I loved
analyzing what audience my videos are targeting, what is interesting
for the audience, and what type of videos would work the best in
terms of success. This gave me an idea and helped me in choosing a
career path —

day a video filmed by a victim of bullying popped up on «Recommended»
page on YouTube. Video after video and the problem of bullying opened
to me and touched me to the point where I felt like it was my problem
as well. In my opinion, the awareness of
such an important subject was absent
in my school, and I wanted to take a little step to change it. After
couple days of doing research on bullying and anti-bullying
campaigns, I decided to open a club at my school. 


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