Water the infrastructure and less annual cost for

Water transportation is a kind of
transport which is used to shift goods ,in a large quantity which is a
efficient way to transport goods in a cheapest way.In old times,the instrument
of transporting were done by lying a barge,raft,boat,sailboat over a water such
ocean,lake or river.Shipment were easily done beyond on the bouyancy of the
materials used to bulid the water transport to send cargos and even could be
made as coach for people.

Future water transport is aimed to
transport goods in a extremely effective way of transporting big amount of
non-perishable goods.Compared to air transport,water transport is less
costly  for transcontinental shipping.As
an example,a cargo ship travelling from a European port takes around 10-12 days
to US based on water conditions  and
other factors,such as wind movement and weather conditions.Sea transport is
proven to be largest carrier of loading in the world.

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Altough modern sea transport takes a long
duration compared to air transport,it is still useable for abbreviated trips
and to move a large amount of non-perishable goods.Most importantly,transport
by water is more cheaper than transport by air for trans-continental shipping.Ship
transportation is frequently used worldwide by nature.The transport is termed
intermodal when a cargo is carried by much than one mode.

Ships could carry more loads due to its
lengthy body shape which have been utulized fr warfare.Future transportation is
more about to shifts in more quantity,cheaper and more efficiently.Using solar
power is one of the best way is to save cost of fuel in ships which is planned
to implemented in future transportation.Altough the making of it is
expensive,but when time passes by it would be a saviour. 

Advantages of future water
transportation  can be listed as below :

transport cost for heavy and bulky cargos.
of transporting big amount of cargos in one time from one destination to
fuel efficient and environment friendly mode of transportation.
need of huge investment for the infrastructure and less annual cost for
maintenance of river channels.
cheapest means of transporting raw materials and finished goods of various
industries along the river banks.

And there is also some disadvantages of it

lead/delivery times
to monitor exact location of goods in transit
and Excise restrictions


More to say,future water transportation is
more to sustainble,safe and more eco-friednly to the nature.Future shiping is
optimised with green technology to improve the operation of shipping.Suistanble
shipping means a collaborative action is possible, and to mobilise support
across the industry, demonstrating that shipping can contribute.When a sea
transport crosses the ocean,the excessive burning fuel just went out wasting
time,money even more fuel drained in the sea which causes dangerous to the
aquatic animals in the ocean and even outside the sea.

As shipping
is a worldwide industry, responsible for the transportation of approximately 90
per cent of world trade, the treaty of increasing pollution and prohibited
discharges are felt worldwide. However, shipping is subject to less stringent
environmental demands than those placed on land-based transportation and
business even though the sector continues to be responsible for producing large
amounts of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide.

As a
conclusion,future water transportion will bring more benefits to this world.We
could save more aquatic animals from extinction with this sunstainble
project.More precaution and prevention is taken to make this world more
eco-friendly and save cost and time.


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