was The citizens are also suffering from unaffordable

was also faced with corruption including
theft of drugs and hospitals equipment. Financial support has, therefore, has
managed the Zimbabwe healthcare up to date.

Lack of necessities

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have a stable and able healthcare system, the necessities must be at hand or
readily available. In Zimbabwe, the healthcare system lacks some necessities
including clean water, health care professionals, training facilities, health
insurance, and capital to fund the hospitals (Zimhealth.org,
2017). As a problem in African countries, Zimbabwe is among the
countries that cannot afford enough capital to fund processing clean water for
domestic use. Clean water is a necessity for stable health care system. Another
key necessity that has found the healthcare system in a struggling situation is
lack of funds. Funds are required for equipping the facilities. Some hospitals
in Zimbabwe are experiencing bed shortages. According to the recommended ratio,
every patient should have a bed during admission and not sharing beds.
Following the economic crisis, this country cannot afford to equip the
facilities. Lack of enough equipment and tools has crippled the healthcare
system. The citizens are also suffering from unaffordable care services.
Majority of Zimbabwe citizens don’t have medical insurances cover to fund their
service that has led to poor outcomes. Besides having inadequate capital to
fund the medical insurances, the country has not been able to train medical
professionals effectively (Zimhealth.org, 2017).
This is also reflective of the high rate of unemployment. The above essentials
determine the stability and ability of the healthcare system to deliver quality
services. The high rate of unemployment means that majority of the citizens
cannot afford money to cover their medical bills as well as living a standard
lifestyle with a reduced risk of getting infections.


The political crisis
in Zimbabwe as well as other Africa countries has led to low development rate
and crippled some basic function that are sources of capital and revenue


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