Valentine’s and new pleasures to each other. It’s

Valentine’s Day is an excellent
occasion to make your sexual life a bit more interesting and deliver a lot of
bright sensations and new pleasures to each other. It’s time to think about how
you can please your partner and what can make this night unforgettable. Here
are a few tips.


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Instead of sighing and ecstatically moaning
during sex, verbalize your own desires. Each of them! That is, say what your
partner should do, how to stand, lie, where and how to touch or kiss you, etc. Warn
her that you won’t tolerate disobedience. All she needs to do is to listen and follow
your orders.

Close the eyes

For this one, you’ll need a blindfold, an
ice cube, a feather, a vibrator, and other objects that you can adapt to sex.
You close the girl’s eyes and touch her in unexpected places with unexpected
objects (the more unexpected the objects and the spots are, the better) until
she finally begs you to take her. When the eyes closed, other senses become
sharper, so her orgasm will be unforgettable.

3) “Intimate

You need 10 sheets of paper and 2 pens.
Each of you writes 5 places (“cinema,” “restaurant,” “parking lot,” etc.), throw
the pieces of paper in the hat, and pull one. Next, go straight to the location
written on the paper, find a quiet, cosy spot, and enjoy each other. Sex, spiced
up with adrenaline (and the possibility of being caught is also a kind of
extreme), is incredibly great.


Meet in the lobby bar of the hotel and
pretend that you don’t know each other. Offer to buy the girl a drink and try
to make friends with her. At the same time, both you and she are free to tell
whatever you want, pretending to be stewardesses, dollar millionaires, nuclear
physicists, whatever. The main thing is not to break the character and act according
to the legend until the very end. And by “the very end” we don’t mean the
moment when the “stranger” agrees to go up to your room. The end is the
check-out time the next morning. This way the “immersion” will be better.

Since both of you will be playing new roles
(and this is the main rule), your sex will at least be non-trivial. It may even
turn out to be the best in your life. Besides, it’s sometimes extremely
entertaining and interesting to know how your partner sees herself.

New toys

Each of you brings, say, 3 sex toys to your
bed, and then go for a test drive, trying all of them. The main thing is to be
realistic about your capabilities and not turn the marathon into a sprint.
Usually, the novelty of sensations inevitably affects the rapidity of male
orgasm. And the task is to unbox and try all your new purchases.

What’s the catch? This game allows both of
you to legally suggest your partner try some new toy you always wanted to bring
to your sex life. When both of you are free to choose any device you want, you’ll
avoid embarrassment, misunderstandings, and phrases, like “normal human sex is
no longer interesting to you.”

New position

This position will be great if both of you
want to reach the maximum pleasure. Get on your knees, take her by the ankles
and put her feet on your shoulders. Once you’re inside her, move both her legs
onto one shoulder. In this position, the blood flow to her genitals is
increased, which means that sensitivity is much higher than usual. Besides, in
this position, her legs aren’t spread, the vagina is tightly wrapped around the
penis, which increases the sensations during frictions, and your hand can
stimulate her clitoris.

New place

Nothing brings brighter sensations than
extreme sex. Why not leave the standard options for later and try something new
and even exotic in the name of Valentine’s Day? Everything depends on your
fantasy and the possibilities of your nervous system. For some couples, sex on
the kitchen table is already extreme, and for others, sex in a crowded bus is
quite normal. Wherever passion gets you: in the fitting room of a shopping
centre, on the roof of a multi-storey house, in an elevator, or in a public
toilet, do it.

New experience

According to the polls, more than 20% of
couples in love go for a new sexual experience on holidays. The most innocent
one is a trip to the nearest sex shop to buy a couple of toys and spend the
night experimenting with them. But some couples go further. To spice up their
sex life, they invite a third partner into their bed or even try tantric sex.
Why not? Just make sure that your loved one is OK with such experiments.

Calm atmosphere

If you’re conservative, you can simply
limit yourself to a nice, romantic dinner and continue the evening in a hotel
room with a glass of champagne. You can enjoy some striptease in your
girlfriend’s performance and end the night with passionate sex. In general,
everything depends on your desire and thickness of your wallet.

Make your fantasy work and give your loved
one a truly new feeling. And if you happen to be alone, find yourself a mate on


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