Traffic the filipinos. The wants of the people

Traffic can give a lot of headache for people, especially for the drivers as well as the passengers. This kind of problem holds a very big impact in the community as it causes too many downfalls that gives a bad effect to Mother Nature.

Traffic, which always happens in Metropolitan Manila, is defined as a long line of vehicles staying still or moving very slowly due to too many vehicles in the highway or accidents. According to Raposas (2017) traffic has already been present since the 16th century when the Spaniards built the roads around Manila that by the 19th century causes heavy traffic due to calesas. The government has tried to solve traffic, yet those solutions did not succeed. The bad situation of traffic in Metropolitan Manila is becoming worst due to the endless wants of the filipinos. The wants of the people gives bad effects to the environment and in the community.

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Yet, they still believe that the bad traffic in Metro Manila can be overcome.              Traffic is a very hot issue in Metro Manila as it just worsens as the day passes by. Many things can cause traffic and one of the reasons why this issue keeps on getting bigger is because of the greediness of people. The demand for cars does not stop as each individual in the country wishes to purchase it. This dream of them is becoming bad as they do not think the following problems that may happen. There are some instances wherein people still purchase vehicles even if they don’t have a garage to place their cars, which causes double parking.

Double parking on narrow roads can cause a big problem in the community. Other vehicles are now unable to enter some roads due to the double parked cars by the undisciplined drivers parking their vehicles outside rather than in their own garage. Another factor that can cause traffic is  the undisciplined drivers especially the public transportations. They usually stop the car anywhere even if the place is not the designated drop off area.

Lastly, government keep on fixing the roads which is really not a good idea. The more they fix roads that are not broken, the more chaos and heavy traffic on highway.           The traffic in Metropolitan Manila can  have a very bad effect to mother nature as well as to the image in Philippines.

According to Carmudi, a website that talks about vehicles , the country suffers around 800 billion pesos every year just because of traffic. Moreover he/she stated that in a daily basis, the country loses 2. 6 billion pesos during the sunny season while an estimated amount of 3 billion pesos during the rainy season.  Basically, we lose billions of pesos because of traffic, at the same time we hurt Mother Nature by polluting the air in the surroundings.

This pollution from smoke belching is not only unhealthy for us, but also detrimental for other living being because there are not enough trees to take in the carbon dioxide from the cars. That is why the supply of oxygen is getting lower. Traffic also takes a lot of time from people.

Rather than spending it on a nice deed, people spend their precious time in traffic. Eagerly waiting for cars to move. Heavily crowded roads can also cause traffic as changing lane can be very difficult as many cars are present.        In summary, the bad situation in the traffic of Metropolitan Manila is becoming worse due to the endless wants of the Filipinos.

The wants of the people have bad effects on the environment and in the community. This issue can affect so many people and even Mother Nature. It can trigger impatience in people which can cause short tempered drivers. Traffic is now a normal thing for the community as it is very hard to solve.

Even our own government cannot solve this issue. If only people could think of a way to really prevent this very big issue, the world could be a really nice to live in.


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