Topic: receiving the care it requires is quite

Topic: The Canadian government should cover dental costsThesis Statement: Dental care costs should be covered under the umbrellaof Canada’s publicly funded health care system because oral health is linked toour overall health, the current insurance scheme widens the gap between therich and poor, and the dire need for universal dental coverage is rather amajor social and health care issue that has to be acted upon by the Canadiangovernment for the Canadians.            If you haven’t figured out enoughreasons to take good care of your mouth, teeth and gums, the relationshipbetween your oral health and your overall health provides even more, becausechoosing to practice a good oral hygiene equates to making an investment inyour overall health, not just for the time being, but for the future too. Butwhat if not just anybody can get a decent dental care without having to ponderabout the monetary aspect of it? What if every patient with a rotten tooth isdenied of a treatment because of not having funds and are left without accessto care? Will they ever get past the push and pull and oil and waterrelationship of dental and general health? At this present time, six million or roughly one-thirdof Canadians do not have dental insurances making them avoid going to thedentist and seek treatment only when it is absolutely necessary (CanadianHealth Measures Survey, 2010). This escalating number of uninsured Canadians,half or most of them might have left their dental concerns unheard anduntreated, and could have contracted more serious illnesses. Alarming andterrifying, isn’t it? Therefore, dentalcare costs should be covered under the umbrella of Canada’s publicly fundedhealth care system because oral health is linked to our overall wellness, thecurrent insurance scheme widens the gap between the rich and poor, and the direneed for universal dental coverage is rather a major social and health careissue that has to be acted upon by the Canadian government for the Canadians.

Leaving almost a third of Canadians without dentalinsurance represents a failure of the current system, as to those who need carethe most are unable to access it (Elizabeth McClymont, 2015). Dental insurancecoverage is a key determinant on whether to seek care or not. The exclusion ofour mouths from the rest of our body parts and not receiving the care itrequires is quite impossible to rationalize (McClymont, 2015). Dental care isessential in the maintenance of good oral health and in the identification ofsymptoms of systemic conditions that most likely are manifested through themouth. As striking and conspicuous as it may sound, Canada has indeed a type ofhealth care system wherein mouth is excepted as a part of the body. As a matterof fact, our lips, tongues, and throats are securely covered while our teethand gums are left out from the privilege.

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The most common infectious disease inthe world are dental diseases, and the fact that many health issues can befirst diagnosed through the oral cavity validates its importance and co-relevanceto the rest of our body. Studies have linked poor oral health such as severityof gum infection to AIDS, first stages of osteoporosis, reveal nutritionaldeficiencies, immune disorders, cancer, and so on and so forth. Xerostomia ordry mouth for an instance is often a symptom of undetected diabetes.

Diabeticpatients have higher risks of gum infection caused by increased blood sugar,thickening of blood vessels resulting to hindered healing process that is whythey are obligated to undergo pre-medication as a form of preventive measure inorder to avoid complication of diabetes management. The simple drying of themouth, even the reduced or heightened salivation, swelling or redness can beone of the signs or could be a collective sign or symptom of an ailment or implicationof a poor general health condition. If all uninsured patients who areexperiencing all these dreadful discomforts are denied of the right to getexamined and treated because of the monetary value that accompanies one, what’sleft waiting for them? Death? Worsened condition? Does help always need to beuplifted whenever it’s too late to do so? Oral health is supposed to be acondition in which people can speak, eat and socialize without discomforts orembarrassment. But to some extent, dental care services seem to be very finiteand delimited by the expensiveness of care costs and treatment.

Thus, this suggeststhat having dental insurance influences the demand for dental care.   


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