today mistake, that I think most of us

I’m sharing the top 10 fashion mistakes that many of us make and how to fix

Now, fashion
mistakes are a little controversial I know, because really at the end of the
day there should be no right and wrong.

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it comes to fashion, I don’t like having rules in pretty much any area of my
life, let alone fashion which is really all about fun and self-expression.

there are a few things that I see regularly, and I think that they are fashion
mistakes and by tweaking them and just making some small changes, we can step
out in style every single day.

if you’d like to see what I think are a few fashion mistakes that are easily
fixed then just keep reading.

limiting yourself

first mistake, that I think most of us make is that we limit our self when it comes
to fashion.

limit ourselves because of our age or because of our size.

I’ve heard
people say things like I’m too old to wear that or I’m too fat to wear that.

the end of the day you’re too nothing to wear anything.

is about fun, it is about self-expression and don’t limit yourself by thinking that
there are certain things that you absolutely cannot wear so I think it’s really
important to start with a clean slate don’t decide that you can’t wear something
because of something you’ve read or something someone has perhaps told you
really just ignore all of that and start again don’t limit yourself I’ve had
people telling me that I should dress my age and at the end of the day what
does that mean you know I’m going to be 51 next month and so does that mean I
should dress really conservatively or I don’t know what that means and I don’t
think it actually should mean anything I think we should dress how we feel and
dressing what makes us feel good so my number one fashion mistake is to stop
limiting ourselves stop putting ourselves in a box and letting other people
decide what we should and shouldn’t wear another fashion mistake that I think
is often made is the thinking that lots of skin and showing lots of skin equals
sexy and in fact I think the opposite is actually quite true showing little
hints of skin but not too much is in my opinion far sexier than showing it all off
and leaving nothing to the imagination I think a gorgeous silk shirt worn with
a pair of distressed denim jeans and some heels is super sexy and you’re not
showing off too much skin so I think a mistake that many of us fall into is if
we want to up the sex appeal and feel a little more sexy that we have to strip
everything off and show a whole lot of skin I think that’s a fashion mistake
and I don’t think we need to show skin to look sexy in clothes another mistake
is letting fashion intimidate you now I know this sounds a little bit strange
but we are often intimidated by by fashion labels and fashion assistants now I
know that feeling will walk into a fashion store and the staff will look
amazing and they’re dressed top to toe immaculately looking great but we need
to remember that’s their job they’re in there all day every day playing with
clothes creating outfits styling outfits don’t feel intimidated by that often
that stops us from exploring new stores and new labels and new places to shop
we tend to go to the places that make us feel comfortable and that’s all well
and good but it means that we don’t explore other labels because we’re secretly
intimidated don’t be intimidated you deserve to look amazing regardless of what
the label is and how you’re dressed when you walk in the store the other
mistake is listening to what people have told us about what we shouldn’t
shouldn’t wear sometimes it’s our mothers that have said to us that we shouldn’t
wear a particular color or a particular style but usually that’s not always
true and trends of old fashion evolves and looks evolve your personality
changes so don’t let some of those seeds that have been sown by other people
get in the way and cloud your fashion judgment if you put something on and it
feels great and you feel good in it then it’s for you it does work don’t let
other people dictate and sow a seed of doubt in your mind so the mistake here
is listening to what people have said to you in the past another mistake is
shopping in the same stores all the time now I get that that can feel really
comfortable you know the styles you generally have a good idea that those
particular brands will fit you but here’s the thing every season the fashion
obviously changes and labels also change their look and feel they will have a
new buyer that comes in and starts buying a different look and feel they all
have to evolve their labels and I’m sure you can relate to walking into a store
and one season everything works for you the next season not so much so what I
think it’s really important for us to do is not limit ourselves by just going
to the same stores all the time rely on stores that you love and you feel good
in but don’t forget to explore other labels and other stores to create your own
sense of style and to help you evolve your fashion sense now I don’t really
like to talk about right and wrong when it comes to fashion but there is one
fashion crime that I think is unflattering on everyone and that is the classic
mid-calf cropped pant now the issue I have with this is unless you have
incredibly lean long legs anything that cuts you off mid calf is going to
highlight that part of your body now the thing is most of us mid calf it’s the
widest part of our leg so why would we want to highlight that so I think unless
you’ve got the most amazing legs everyone should steer away from cropped pants
that hit you and fall mid calf crop pants are fine but wear them 3/4 or wear
them just below your knee or just above your knee you want pants to fall on the
slimmest part of your body for you to have the most flattering look so mid calf
cropped pants are a fashion mistake in my book that segways in nicely to the
next fashion mistake which I think we can easily change and that is not wearing
tops and skirts and pants that fall at the widest part of your body so for instance
if you carry most of your weight on your hips the last thing you want is a top
that will fall exactly on that widest part of your body what that will do is it
will highlight that area of your body so the eye is naturally drawn to that
part of your body so therefore it is the most unflattering place for a top to
finish on you same thing with parents skirts shorts everything if you follow
the rule of making sure that your tops and skirts and pants fall at the
narrowest part of your body so it may be just below your knee it may be your
ankle if you do carry most of your weight on your hips then opt for a dipped
hemline which will draw the eye down the body it’s all about illusion dressing
and creating a longer leaner line so the mistake is choosing clothes that fall
on the widest part of your body Music another fashion mistake is ill-fitting bras
and numerous times I have done personal styling sessions and tried the same top
on the same woman but the only thing I’ve changed is her bra and often we’re
wearing the wrong size bra the wrong shape bra and the wrong bra for the wrong
item things like wearing a lace bra under a t-shirt it’s it’s a bit of a
science when it comes to bras and I think it’s really important that we get measured
professionally and fish it professionally fairly regularly our breasts change
size and shape depending on the time of the month or it is one part of our body
that does tend to change more than the rest of it so I think it’s really
important for us to get measured and fitted professionally perhaps every year
and we’re a good fitting appropriate bra for your outfit and for your body
shape and type a good bra will make an enormous difference when it comes to an
outfit it will really take a simple outfit from zero to hero just purely
because you have the right foundation to start the outfit Music another
fashion mistake is wearing clothes that are too big often when we put on a few
pounds it’s really easy to fall into the trap of wearing oversized clothes to
kind of we feel more comfortable and we feel like it’s hiding potentially a
multitude of sins unfortunately the opposite is usually happening and what it’s
doing is just creating more bulk and not giving us any shape so a fashion
mistake I find and I see it regularly is going up two or three sizes more than
you need to when you have put on a little bit of weight you still need to
create a little bit of a shape and a little bit of a silhouette so that you
look in proportion so a big fashion mistake in my book is just wearing
oversized ill-fitting clothes Music the other fashion mistake that many of us
seem to make is not paying attention to the small details we can have an amazing
outfit on but if our shoes need rehearing or if they’re a little bit scuffed or
if our nail polish is chipped it’s those little details that will just pull an
outfit down so a big fashion mistake in my book is not paying attention to the
to the detail to those little things that really do make a difference they
might be some loose threads hanging from a shirt or pilled knitwear just small
things that are pretty easy to overlook but tend to take away from the overall
look and feel of an outfit so I think it’s really important that we pay
attention to the details that’s it for today thanks so much for watching I hope
you enjoyed this video and if you did I would love you to give it a thumbs up
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more and what are your fashion
mistakes so there are anything that I’ve missed out in covering in this video
that really grind your wheels when you see them I would love to hear about them
in the comments below anyway thanks so much for watching and I look forward to
seeing you next time bye for now  


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