This paper shows the impact of the reverse

This paper shows the impact of the reverse
cross relaxation on pump efficiency over various of inversions in Tm-deoped
glass. We have been able to define a set of
spectroscopic parameters for Tm-doped tellurite glasses able to predict the
reverse process over a wide doping level interval. To achieve this, we
completed the available parameter with the inverse cross-relaxation process
constant. In this paper, we proposed a method to assess the impact of the
reverse cross-relaxation process on the pump performance for different inversions.

This method can be applied to any type of glass, and we demonstrate that while
a low inversion regime is optimum for lifetime, branching ratios, cross
sections and cross-relaxation parameter calculations a second round of
measurement, using higher pump level, should be performed to precisely
characterize the reverse cross-relaxation process. Within the aim of this
paper, we show that the
appropriate calculation of reverse cross-relaxation parameter may have a
significant effect on the simulation of laser and amplifier devices.

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