There (Rock). While textbooks might be available, tangible

There is a huge debate nowadays between the government, educational
bodies (schools, universities, research centers and institutes, etc.) and
technology industries on the future of education and whether to keep using
textbooks or pushing tablets instead. This is raising an important question,
should tablets replace textbooks? “Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt tested a
version of the Algebra 1 textbook on the IPad in California’s Riverside Unified
School District. Students who used the digital version scored 20% higher on
standardized tests than the students who used textbooks” (Rock). While
textbooks might be available, tangible and affordable, tablets are light,
handy, up to date, flexible and environment friendly.

Those in favor of textbooks believe that tablets are too
expensive. However, tablets are a lot cheaper than textbooks because unlike
textbook, they are not bought every year. In other words, new textbooks are
bought by schools every year due to the release of new versions and editions,
making the old books outdated; however, tablets contain information that is regularly
up to date. Because of that, schools will not need to buy tablets every year
because it is easier to update information regularly and pass it on to upcoming
students. According to the Federal Communications Commission, the United States
spends around $7 billion per year on textbooks (McGraw, Pearson and Houghton
Mifflin Harcourt). On the other hand, the Los Angeles Unified School District
stated that $30 million were spent on tablets for 640,000 students. Overall, tablets
save money as information is instantly updated and they could be used for a
long time.

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Opponents of tablets claim that
students learn more for textbooks because it is more tangible as they can
highlight important points and write notes on the paper. On the contrary,
tablets provide modernized information, interactive videos and quizzes that can
help the student learn and understand quicker and better. These integrated
quizzes give feedback to students on their progress, and educational games also
help a lot.” A study has shown that a game known as Motion Math helped children
with fundamental math skills. Therefore, their test scores were increased by
15% after playing the game for 5 consecutive days” (Wainwright). In conclusion,
tablets in schools and education in general are very important as they not only
make the student learn by reading or writing notes , they make them learn by
taking online quizzes, playing games, or even watching videos which make the
student understand as well as enjoy the subject that he is taking.

Defenders of textbooks point out
that tablets cause several health injuries such as eye strains, headaches, blurred
vision or dry eyes. However, this problem could be solvable because the
tablet’s brightness can be decreased which will prevent eye strains. Kindle,
for example, does not have an LED screen, instead they have a unique type of
screen that does not cause eye strain. In fact, tablets actually turn out to be
environment friendly. Paper is not wasted as much anymore because students have
all their textbooks digitally stored on a device which leads to the elimination
of paper waste. In addition, instead of creating new editions of a book and
wasting thousands or even millions of paper, it is easier to have the textbook
updated with new information on a regular basis. On the whole, while tablets
might cause eye strains, they still save trees which have many benefits and
effects in everyday life.

Briefly, there has been different points of views on whether tablets
should replace textbooks or not. Some people prefer textbooks while others
favor tablets. Supporters of textbooks argue that tablets are nontangible,
expensive and cause injuries while opponents of textbooks believe that tablets
are light, accessible, handy, regularly updated and benefits the environment
globally. Tablets, however, are preferable because they provide services that
makes the student enjoy it from the educational part as well as the fun part.
In conclusion, textbooks and papers won’t exist soon and tablets will take over


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