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                     There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a pet. In the entire world, nearly 1.3 million dogs go homeless or die each year. That means 1.

3 million dogs don’t get a real home where they are loved, do not get to play fetch with their owners, or celebrate their birthday. This is currently going on with dogs and cats. There is animal abuse, that is a huge problem too. We will be talking about dogs being starved, dogs being mistreated, and dogs being left in hot cars.       One thing in the world that has affected countless dogs is  “Starvation.” Starvation is the suffering or death caused by hunger.

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Thousands and thousands of dogs are deprived of food each year globally according to This is because people don’t care and feed their dogs. But there are a lot of rescues going on to help these dogs. They are mostly rescuing dogs being stranded or dogs being starved.

This is why there are rescue services so animals can get food and a nice place to stay.  Another thing that is a bigger problem other than starvation is dogs being mistreated, also known as animal abuse. Abuse is defined as treating a person or an animal with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. Close to 1.2 million dogs die each year globally of abuse. There is a sport that is called “Dog Fighting” which is illegal.

Nearly 10,000 dogs get killed each year because of it. “Dog fighting is a type of blood sport, generally defined as two game dogs against one another in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the spectators. This sport is also for the gratification of the dogfighters, who are sometimes referred to as dogmen.” Leaving a dog in a hot car for just a couple of minutes can be deadly. An estimated 5,000 dogs die each year because of being left in hot cars. The owners think, “It’s ok, it’s only 70 degrees out, I’ll just go inside a grab a nice cup of coffee for a couple of minutes,” and when they come back they see that their dog is on the floor not breathing. It takes 10 minutes for the car to rise 20 degrees higher, even with the car windows rolled down. If it is 5 minutes, the temperature will rise 10 degrees higher.

Imagine if it was 80 degrees out, and you were gone for an hour. If your dog or your dogs were in the car, the temperature inside the car would rise to 130 degrees. That is really hot!To summarize, 1.3 million dogs die each year because of lots of things. Starvation, being mistreated, and dogs being left in hot cars. This is selfishness, only thinking about themselves and not the animals. Imagine being in a hot car and it is 130 degrees.

This hot temperature could either give someone a heart attack or a heat stroke. This mistreatment of animals is immoral and outrageous, and cannot be allowed. Animals can keep you safe, away from danger and provide care to people. If you get a pet, don’t hurt the animal, and keep track of your pet. 


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