The was equally amongst the best 3 candidate

 The immense cyberattack, information systems
compromise globally and especially in my company has drawn me towards having
keen interest in this field. I find system security activities very interesting
especially patch managements, applying fixes and updates on operating systems
among others. As a system administrator with several years of experience,
securing systems and data have challenged me to delve deeper on effective
security implementation methodologies. Therefore, I would like to pursue a
degree course in information systems security in Concordia University since it
contains courses among others in operating systems security which is very interesting
to me.During
my undergraduate studies at Ekiti state university (formerly University of Ado-Ekiti),
with keen interest in the computer architecture and
digital communications, I emerged the best student in the courses scoring 89%
and 87% respectively. The interest in communications spurred me into acquiring
knowledge in networks and data communications and certifications programs. The
knowledge acquired has helped me to appreciate how computer systems and
networks are applied to our day-to-day practical life. After graduation, pursuing a career in information
technology was not a difficult option as the fundamentals were understood by me
and I was equally amongst the best 3 candidate who were given the opportunity
to choose their preferred department in my present place of work during the
recruitment stages. I started as a desktop support analyst where computer
systems are setup, configured and deployed for use after ensuring the systems
are secured by installing antivirus, disabling all unnecessary services and
installing only needed applications amongst others. Because of my
meticulousness and stint for system management after 3 years, I was seconded to
work closely with the Enterprise system administrators where I learnt different
Operating Systems managements and storage infrastructure etc. This earned me a
slot for an international training in South Africa as the first entry level
staff to be considered. This feat I have kept and had sustained me to rise
through the rank and file. In the last seven years, I have tediously worked
closely with security experts in the implementation of security processes and
systems, one of such is the implementation and certification process of Payment Card
Industry Data Security Standard
(PCI DSS) on major card schemes
and ISO-27001 in my place of work. I have implemented various systems and user
security settings on UNIX and windows operating systems. I believe these are
just subset of what information systems security entails. I want to acquire
more in-depth theoretical understanding to further hone my idea of practical
approaches and skills to allow me develop expertise in information systems
security which I believe is more ideal in the University settings rather than
relying on personal development and intuition. Thank you for your time and
consideration. High Regards,



I'm Simon!

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