This film progresses, more and more things start

 This scene is the starting point of Truman’s suspicions and from here onwards he starts noticing things that don’t appear real to him, and he begins to hunt for and find evidence on the strange and co-incidental things that consistently happen to him. I was finding it increasingly funny as the events unfolded after this seem so unrealistic to us but to Truman they almost appear natural.

I found myself wanting Truman to discover his true identity and for him to be broken free of his cruel world.Laura Linney’s performance in The Truman Show appears weak and subdued on the outside but take a closer look and you might find some deliberate intension in doing so. Although Meryl is rarely involved in any drastic scenes she does have the hilarious job of randomly advertising products while live on air with expression on Truman’s face wondering if she’s gone completely insane. This is yet another original concept implemented into the film as a way of showing advertisements without taking the focus off Truman.Advertising on the show means that although Truman is clearly the centre of attention, Christof still wants to gain as much money as he can from his show. Possibly one of the reasons for him jumping to conclusions about his environment is that early on in his life he met Sylvia (Natascha McElhone). Sylvia sneaked onto the set as she felt sorry for him trapped in his fake world and tried to take him away from the cameras to a deserted beach to tell him the truth. She told him that everyone was watching him and that they would take her away soon.

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He didn’t understand what she meant and not surprisingly!If you were so used to the way that the world worked around you, you wouldn’t know anything different. Just before she could say anything though, one of the cast (claiming to be her father) whisked her away and he never saw her again. The part in which Sylvia plays in the film is crucial.

Without her Truman would have no desire to find out more about his surroundings, and he would indefinitely be entrapped in his phony world for the remainder of his life. Although Christof despises Sylvia for opening Truman’s eyes, she has inadvertedly created a far more entertaining Truman.Therefore boosting the shows ratings and making us find the film a whole lot more absorbing, as more and more people in the film find themselves hooked to the show and are feeling attached to Truman. As the film progresses, more and more things start to make sense to him and the dilemma occurs to him that he just can’t escape. It’s hilarious to see his futile attempts as he tries to drive out of town and a traffic jam instantly materializes.

Failing this, a last gasp effort is made but it involves his deepest fear of crossing the water.Succeeding in this, a dramatic scene of comical events finally halts him in his path. The film does a superb job in making this a breathtaking scene as the camera shots show the events from a great perspective. Unfortunately the music lets the film down in this scene and throughout. Although it fits the film it becomes far too repetitive and would have given the film an extra feature of variety. The music could also be a cunning ploy into feeling familiar around Truman as the music more often than not will be played with him on the screen.Subsequential events follow this and we are treated to an emotionally powerful scene between Truman and his (supposedly) best friend Marlon (Noah Emmerich).

Marlon is reassuring his friend that he is just imagining the events that have conspired. Marlon on the contrary is not actually the one making up these lines as the creator (Christof) is voicing the lines to him via an earpiece. Noah Emmerich does a great job here of saying the words convincingly while still looking agonized about the situation he is in.Truman is appearing more and more like the innocent victim as his best friend appears to be finding it hard to carry on a lie.

Nevertheless every film has its flaws and I feel strongly that the beginning of the film could have been shown in a lot more detail as it’s unclear about the events that have transpired, as the clues given to help you grasp the films concept are limited. Furthermore the film is only an insubstantial length of 104 minutes and I believe that put in more detail by going into greater detail on how the show was created, it could have linked together more fluently and overall broadened its appeal further.Aside from these minor impediments there is no reason why you should not see this film! The Truman Show never at one stage gets dull and continues to impress and make you think throughout. This is one of the most original concepts you will come across and should not be missed. Jim Carrey was obviously chosen for this role as he brings in a distinguished comedy dimension. He alone is why the film has such a big appeal! See it with parents, friends, by yourself or even grandparents and you will certainly enjoy the ride.


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