The Tragedy of Macbeth”. “Macbeth” was written presumably

The full
title of the tragedy is “The Tragedy of Macbeth”. “Macbeth” was written
presumably in 1606. The author based the story of on the Raphael Holinshed’s
“Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland” in 1577, but he added also some
of his own ideas. The whole aspect of Macbeth’s becoming the King, his defense
of the throne and the fall of the power are the historical events, which appear
in the tragedy. Also the time of “Macbeth” is the historical time, because of
the main character, Macbeth, and his friend, Banquo, are the historical
characters from medieval Scotland. The action of the tragedy takes place in XI
century in Scotland, but the scenes from the end of IV Act takes place in

the shortest, next to “The Tempest”, the tragedy of Shakespeare tells the story
of the Scottish general Macbeth.  He
received a prophecy from the three witches that one day Macbeth will become the
Thane of Cawdor and later the King of Scotland. 
Macbeth saw the only one way to the crown – through the crime.
Therefore, they(Macbeth and Lady Macbeth) planned the murder of the current
King of Scotland, Duncan. After the committing of the crime, the prophecy came
true. He became the King, but also the tyrannical ruler, able to sacrifice
another existence to remain in the power.

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It can be
said that “The Tragedy of Macbeth” includes one main problem which is the lust
for power. The unrestrained ambitions of characters, which is the
personification of the two characters of the tragedy. Obviously, the first
character is Macbeth. He did not previously want any power. But, this ambition
overpowers the Macbeth and lead him to many conflicts. He killed the King of
Scotland, Duncan. Additionally, in this situation, the moral principles do not
really matter because the throne and the social position become the most
important aspect of his life. Another character is Lady Macbeth, which also
achieves her goals with the unrestrained ambition. She persuaded her husband to
murder Duncan, regardless of the consequences. Therefore, it can be said that
the blind ambition plunges people. Macbeth came to the power through the crime.
It is generally known that the most of the powerful people in the world, in
order to take the power, commit a crime, betrayal, cruelty, assassination etc.
After some time, the ruler becomes a victim and the history repeats itself. But
we can confirm that there were some of the powerful people who achieve their
social position through the hard work and the sacrifice.  In the tragedy, Macbeth became the King. But
the habit of murdering his opponents lead him to his own death. The evil that
prevails in Macbeth enables him to reject all the moral values. He was not
inherently evil, but he lost the internal struggle. He overestimated his
psychic strength, and he failed the battle with himself. After the defeat of
the conscience, Macbeth became unable to enjoy the power of the King that he
was dreaming of.  The power was his
obsession, and this obsession led him to the fail of human qualities.

to all the aspects above, I am going to distinguish the main motives in the

The first
motive is the murder. As I previously mentioned, the murder of Duncan led
Macbeth to other murderers. The first violation was really hard for Macbeth
because he had the pangs of conscience. However, due to the unrestrained
ambition and pressure from his wife, Macbeth committed a murder. Both
characters (Macbeth and his wife) gone mad. And at the end of madness, the
inevitable punishment for the all committed crimes, in this case, is death. It
was an example of the punishment that touched the characters for all their
actions, and also an example of the guilt and the punishment.

The second
motive is the marriage. It can be said that Lady Macbeth is described as firm
and mentally strong, femme fatale, and her position in the marriage is also
strong and significant. Macbeth is described as the right knight, noble and
courageous. It is hard to see the great love between them, however, we can
notice a strong bond between them, which is the friendship.  Their friendship is based mainly on the great
loyalty and trust. From the very beginning of the tragedy, both spouses could
tell each other literally everything. It is obvious because they could even
plan a murder together. They knew that none of them would say anything about it
to anyone. They stayed in this conviction. And in fact, they remained loyal to
the very end. They do not say anything about the feelings between them, and
after the death of Lady Macbeth, the main character did not seem to be
overwhelmed.  But the reason for this
behavior is the lack of any human qualities and conscience, after the murder of
King Duncan.

So, in
summary, what is my personal evaluation? I think that the author presented in
this tragedy one of the main and timeless problems, which is the attitude of
man and evil. He warned us that the evil is causing the evil and the crime is
causing the crime. There is no guilt without the penalty – the evil done to
other people always returns after a while. I believe that if somebody does
something good for somebody else – the good always returns, sooner or later.
However, I believe also that if someone hurts somebody else, then the evil also
returns, but even twice. On the basis of my own experiences and “Macbeth”, I
can openly state that this is really happening. To prove this, I will use the
main story contained in the tragedy. So, Macbeth killed King Duncan with the
help of his wife and he became the king, as the prophecy said. And this is an
example of the evil that one person did to another. Macbeth’s wife, Lady
Macbeth, soon fell into the madness and died. The death of his wife, the
closest person to him, was the first punishment/ the first evil that returned
to Macbeth. Then, he also died and it was a cruel death, which was the second
evil that came back to him. The first punishment is a tormenting conscience,
later it is only worse. It can be said that only the honest way of life can
bring about the happiness. We should be careful and go not too far.


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