The tractor didn’t really take off till the

       The 3 most important
There are lots of different vary important agricultural inventions but right now were only focusing on the 3 most
important ones. Theses are steel plow, refrigerated railcar, and the gas powered tractor. Even though they have been modified
or even replaced they all still single handedly changed the face of agriculture. While some people may argue that they are not
important anymore they have still drastically changed American agriculture for the better. Without these 3 inventions we would
not be the agricultural giant we are today.
The first invention on our list is the steel plow. This was developed by John Deere in 1837. Before this people were
using there bare hands to plant crops. As you can imagine this was not very time or cost efficient, after John realized this he
created the steel plow out of broken saw blade. This sped up farming quit a bit and aloud more time to plant crops and make
The second invention is the refrigerated railcar. Before this people were not able to transport Perishable items long
Distances. This made it hard to get food from place to place. After an inventor realized this he Drew up designs to create a
refrigerated railcar. Soon the foods were able to be transported longer Distances and to more people. If we did not have this
we would not be able to bet food as easily.
The third invention is the gas powered tractor. This revolutionized the way that people farmed. Before this people had to
use the steel plow which took up time and money. John Froelich took this in to consideration and created the gas powered
tractor. It could harvest more food in less time and save more money. At first the tractor didn’t really take off till the company
John Deere took in the tractor and made some modifications. Soon after that the tractor was making good progress in the
market and on the farm. Without this we would not be able to produce food as fast as we do naw and there would not be as
much available.
Without these things american agrculcher would not be running as smothly as it is today. Even though some of these
are not in use anymore they still changed the world as we know it. Now we are able to havest and transport food better then
ever. As you can see the steel plow, refrigrated railcar, and gas powered tractor are the most important invenchons. Take a
moment to wonder how the would wold look if we didn’t have these things in our life. 


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