The to the IT Sector the personnel management

Goals and objectives are set based on the vision or mission of the organisation.
Incase of the manufacturing sector mostly there are very different ways of traditional
methods that are still in process. When compared to the IT Sector the personnel
management culture still exist in the manufacturing sector. The goals involve the
product success or the group targets as well as the individual level of skills
as well as the other competencies involving the personal ability to cope up
with the group and the interpersonal skills are also assessed as a part of
appraisal in the peer system of review as well.

            There were various research scholars
who had researched this particular performance management system and also the
perception of the individual on the whole but as the different research has
their own objectives this research tries to bring about the positive or
negative effects that are involved post the appraisal. Further there is various
other group interactions which is monitored and many business groups help the
individual to give the overall feedback about them in a different method apart
from the appraisal targets. The method is followed for quite a long century but
still there are many difficulties faced by the individual on the whole and
hence it also leads to a different problem.

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            There are different Performance
management systems that are in practice they are traditional and modern methods.
The Modern methods are adapted at the information technology centres but the
old traditional methods are followed at the manufacturing sector. The Balance
score card method is also still practices at the retail sector and it leads to
a positive motivation on seeing the score card but at the same time it creates
a negative motivation to the under performers . More people shift organisation
only after the appraisal cycle.

 The organisation is looking forward to retain
the talents hired initially but based on the results of the appraisal some tend
to change the institution they are working and look forward on to a job change
but that also creates a hollow space or vacuum in the organisation. Every
person is unique and hence measuring the performance under the common umbrella
may not be the right way of managing people. These are the hurdles in the job
of the human resource management. Further there are also many different roles
that an individual performs like a team player, team monitor and leader as well.


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