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The Civil War was one of the bloodiest and most gruesome battles in history, each battle during the war was just as important as the other. The civil war lasted a lengthy four years from April 12,1861 until May 9,1865, though this lasted quite a while there were many efforts and documents signed to prevent the war. The country ( The North and South) started disagreeing, causing the country to split into The Union and Confederacy. The Confederacy represented as the South, they supported and encouraged slavery, the people in the south lived in towns, the homes were split apart from each other and most lived on farms. The people in the South earned money by selling and farming. On the other hand, the Union represented for the north. The North was disgusted by slavery and wanted it abolished, people in the North lived in small urban cities and were in an industrial land. People of the North earned money by engineering building, constructing or painting. As previously stated there were many treaties and documents signed to try to put the spilt country at peace some treaties were The Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, Kansas Nebraska Act etc. However, none of those efforts were forceful enough to prevent the Civil war. After years and years of fighting nobody was officially declared the winner, however technically the Union was the winner. Now, after the war there were many negative effects the civil war left the country in ruins and confused…First and foremost slavery, the Civil war was caused by the disagreement of whether slavery should be a positive and encouraged as an institution or a awful and cruel way to support the pre existing economy. However, after the union won the war, all slavery was abolished and slaves were free. Although, this was a revolutionary amendment, African Americans were still treated unfairly. In 1865-1866 president Andrew Johnson passed restrictive black codes to control labor,freedom, and behavior of former slaves and african americans.The North was outraged they believed these codes were enforcing a lesser version of slavery, that made Andrew Johnson unpopular and made the radical wing of the Republican party celebrate in their triumph. During the time of Radical Reconstruction which officially began in 1867, gave blacks or african americans a new voice in government so they could express their views, and for the first time in history winning election to southern state legislatures and possibly even U.S congress. Despite all victory and equality for blacks in less than a decade white supremacy took over in the South once again. The newly elected president Abraham Lincoln did not make abolition of slavery as a goal of the Union war effort. He feared that he would drive border slave states that were loyal to the union to join the Confederacy. However by the summer of 1862 slaves themselves pushed the issue heading in thousands to the Union lines as Lincoln’s troops traveled to the South. But slaves insisted that emancipation was a political and military necessity. Then in 1863 Lincoln was able to free over 3 million slaves.Furthermore, there were many gunshots, battles, raids, and deaths during the Civil War which left the spilt country both in ruins. ( quoted from “All wars are environmental catastrophes. Armies destroy farms and livestock; they go through forests like termites; they foul waters; they spread disease; they bombard the countryside with heavy armaments and leave unexploded shells; they deploy chemical poisons that linger far longer than they do; they leave detritus and garbage behind.” ( and quote). Additionally, according to a catalog William T Sherman wanted the Confederacy to feel the hard hand of war and apparently he said We devoured the land. Additionally, Philip H Sheridan had the same type of attitude towards the environment and his opposing force. In Shenandoah Valley in the September and October of 1864, the army was burning down farms and factories in addition to that, anything resourceful or useful to the confederates. .” Gen. Ulysses S. Grant told him to “eat out Virginia clear and clear as far as they go, so that crows flying over it for the balance of the season will have to carry their provender with them.” ( quoted from As that was stated obviously the union definitely had a hatred and despise for the confederacy and drained needed resources for the confederacy and harmed the environment in the process doing so. However, the destruction of resources committed by the North and South came to haunt them, armies were stripped of resources that were a necessity. Both armies barely living off the land trying to help themselves salvaging any food, vegetable or animal that came across their path. They cut down an unimaginable number of trees to fetch wood for fires, reconstruct army bases, to cook food and build railroads. This was one of the most desperate time for armies and people in general.Last but not least, the financial debt of America, America was already having financial issues and the war made them drown in debt even more than they already were. Before the war, America was 65 million dollars in debt, however they country tried to lower it, America had limited government, few federal expenses and low taxes. On the eve of 1860 right before the war all federal revenue derived from the charges.They had no income tax, no excise taxes and no estate tax. This filled Thomas Jefferson’s vision of no worker,laborer mechanic nor anybody for that matter had taxes. However, after the detrimental war, all those regulations came to a halt and never once came back. After only 4 years of war the new national debt was 2.7 billion dollars. The annual interest on the debt was more than twice what the federal government spent before 1860. Whats even more disheartening is Jefferson’s vision was crushed there was progressive income tax,excise tax and estate tax as well. The revenue department had greatly expanded and tax gatherers were involved and relevant in the great bureaucracy.To conclude, the Civil War was one of the most important battles in history. It caused much sadness,poverty,disappointment, disease loss and lastly confusion. The country was split into two, financially drowning in debt, slaves were also harmed in the process and the environment was destroyed. Despite all the troubles the country faced it, preserved, reconstructed, and learned. Most importantly it was finally united once again and stronger than ever.


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