The to make sure everyone feels involved. Also,

The questionnaire method is the most common approach used to
calculate an individual’s personality. While this method is used throughout the
world in different organisations, is it all it is cracked out to be or is it
just a waste of time and resources, I will be discussing the advantages and
disadvantages of questionnaires in the workplace. I will also be discussing my
personal experiences with completing two questionnaires, comparing the results
and if I believe they match my managerial or leadership style.


The questionnaire which best describes what I believe to be
my managerial or leadership style would have to be the Multifactor Leadership
Questionnaire. The reason why I believe that this questionnaire best describes
my managerial or leadership style is because the scoring interpretation
describes seven factors of managerial or leadership style and indicates which
factors are higher than others, also giving a brief description of the style.
My results showed that my individualized consideration was high. Revealing the
extent to which I show interest regarding others prosperity, delegate tasks to
suitable candidates and to make sure everyone feels involved. Also, my result
for laissez-faire was high, meaning I would let things take their own course of
action without interfering. My other results from the questionnaire showed that
my idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation,
contingent reward and management by-exception were moderate. Idealized
influence is someone who acts in certain ways being a role model for their
followers. Maintaining trust, faith and respect with their followers, being
committed to them, show interest in their hopes and dreams. Inspirational
motivation is when leaders with inspiring visions question followers to leave
their comfort zones, inspiring the group to try new things. Also making others
feel that their work is appreciated by others. Intellectual stimulation is
having a leader who advocates modernisation, inventiveness, as well as clear
rational thinking and solving any complications. Intellectual stimulation
contains simulating followers concept and ingenuity, as well as challenging
their capability to analyse and clarify dilemmas in imaginativeness ways.
Contingent reward is an incentive-based practice that is accustomed to honour
those that meet their specific goals. It administers forward-looking
reinforcement for a job efficiently completed. Management by exception
determines if you inform others the job specifications, are satisfied with basic
operation and are a supporter in if it is not broken, do not fix it.

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Often employers use questionnaires in the recruiting
process, this can be very beneficial and more time effective in the long run.
Questionnaires can help in the selection process as it gives the employer an
indication on what the characteristic of the candidates are. If the
questionnaires are performed before the interview it helps in selecting with
candidates should be invited for an interview and help the employer decide
which questions to ask the candidate in the interview. Personality
questionnaires can often help in situations in which there is a limited amount
of time to perform the interview, it can give a deep insight to the
applications skills and abilities which may be overlooked in the interview
processes. Another advantage of questionnaires is to see how compatible an
applicant is to fit within the organisation. It also allows for lower turnover
of staff in an organisation as the applicant will have the same traits as other
employees. Furthermore, while they are effective in some circumstances, it is
not a one questionnaire fits all as many different cultures have different ways
of interpreting different meanings thus causing language barriers within the
questionnaire. Questionnaires can become expensive with hiring someone to
design and score the questionnaires. While some questionnaires can be more time
consuming than other which can defer potential applicants, and can cause
candidates to skip questions. Another disadvantage is that applicants can
easily be dishonest on the questionnaire just to impress the employer or to
gain advantage into acquiring the job. Furthermore, another disadvantage to
questionnaires is that an applicant may choose a different answer which may seem
more socially acceptable than another. While in the work force it is beneficial
that collages get along, but the organisation may lack diversity if all
employees possess the same traits. Questionnaire also lack personalisation and
may have accessibility issues for some candidates. A candidate may score
perfectly on the questionnaires but might not be the right person for the job
as their performance may change while in the position. While a candidate who
may score poorly on the questionnaire may be a great candidate otherwise.


All things considered the advantages of questionnaires
outweigh the disadvantages. Although it is up to each individual organisation
to outweigh the options on both and decide which is in the best interest of the
company. While taking into consideration that the cultural and language needs
are suited to each country individual needs to avoid any issues.


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