The stress and anger from this course. I

The most profound insight I gained from taking this course is to make sure you always express how you feel towards somebody. It is not good to hold your feelings and emotions inside. As I watched the movies and films that the teacher provided, the film,”The Arts in Medicine” clarified how conveying everything that needs to be conveyed by drawing, painting, and tuning into music helps people’s social qualities. This emerged to me because the works of art drive people to love each other and cure their bitterness/push. In the movie Silver Lining Playbook, dancing connects with music which is an artform and throughout the movie, dancing seemed to cure the illness of Pat and Tiffany. Dancing and expressing themselves led them to become a happy couple and live their lives happy and healthy. Also, moving and dancing keeps the mind sharp because moving as we age enhances subjective adaptability. There are both physical and mental advantages from making workmanship or art. Many people in this generation tend to use social media or watch TV all day but art is a way to create your own work instead consuming information. Through this knowledge gave in this course, I have understood that I want to change my activities in my professional life as well as my own life. For the call to action, I want to be the person who is always there for my family and bestfriends when they are going through struggles mentally. Currently, my best friend named Dante is going through a lot of stress because he didn’t receive a full ride scholarship for football out of highschool so he had to play football at a Junior College. I am always the one to keep him up and motivate him to work towards his goal. From now on, I learned ways and strategies to help cure mental stress and anger from this course. I can tell my friend to produce artwork and listen to music to help him release his stress. His parents are very tough on him, and constantly disciplining a kid over and over again is very redundant. If my parents or anybody in my family starts to deal with emotional or mental stress, I will for sure be the one to help them. I will relay the information that I consumed from this course to my family members so they can stay mentally healthy.Also, my profession will be becoming a Physical Therapist/Doctor. My current major is Kinesiology and I have been working really hard to progress. For my profession, I will be dealing with a lot of people and I will learn different things about each one of my clients. I can use the strategies such as getting to know the client personally and learn more about their personal life. The reason it is important to learn personally about a client is because some specialists tend to settle on choices in light of speedy appraisals, which might be very one-sided. Being involved and working together with a patient is the best way to contribute great care for them. My speciality as a doctor will be rehabbing many student athletes and getting involved with my client personally will help the process of healing for them. If the client trusts me and is comfortable with me, then our cooperation will be very sufficient. The patient would not hesitate to talk with me about what he is concerned about because the client would be commodious.


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