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The story overall was good even though it was predictable what was going to happen especially the major foreshadowing when the teacher says, “He didn’t return to take revenge, though, but rather to be reincarnated in Adriana’s child. ” After this was said I put rest of the story together with ease.

Another good thing about this story was that after reading it you still have unanswered questions that have many answers to it.After reading all of The Return by Fernando Sorrentino, I thought nothing of it just a weird story, but then after doing some research I found out that during the same time and place as in the story, 1965-1979 in Argentina, UFO sightings were the highest they ever been and so were the number of people disappearing in Argentina. After figuring out this the story makes a little more sense. The story itself has many extensions of conflicts. To me I thought the story was a multi-layered metaphor had irony and almost like a parody of what was happening in real life.

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The whole theme of the story is related to real life time and place, this story is like a twist or different way of interpreting what was happening in Argentina during 1965-1979, people were disappearing and people were seeing UFOs. The teacher was always looking out the window and when he did he saw something strange happen, most people back then probably did the same thing and saw a UFO, or so they say they did. And when the baby disappeared it is just like everyone disappearing which everyone was used to. The story was ironic because the old man died similarly to how he accidently killed the beggar.I believe the implications for the student is that the beggar came back as the baby to take revenge and when the “deed” was done the beggar/baby left. The family was no wiser because people went missing in Argentina all the time.

Each person who reads this will have different questions and interpret it in a different way. When I read this I wondered why the beggar would not have done anything to the student for not telling the police what had happened. The story overall was well written because the author, Fernando Sorrentino, lived what was happening; people going missing.


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