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Womans in the Victorian epoch were considered to obey their hubby and conform to the societal norms such as maintaining the organic structure pure. A adult female who did n’t maintain her sexual passions in cheque was thought to hold lost her manner and would finally go shunned by her society. Womans were presented as objects that work forces could have therefore making the image of work forces being the dominant sex.James Joyce ‘s ‘Ulysses ‘ addresses the constructs of the Victorian adult females and nowadayss us the influence of sexual morality upon the characters within the novel. When we are foremost introduced to Gerty MacDowell, there is a batch of accent upon her environments.

It becomes evident that romantic novels have influenced her position on the idealistic position of life, which she is obviously hankering for. Her narrative describes her visual aspect in item, specifying her natural good expressions as ‘beautiful by all who knew her ‘[ 1 ]and the attending she spends on continuing her visual aspect. ‘smiling at the lovely contemplation which the mirror gave back to her ‘ ( p. 262 ) . From her beauty and muliebrity stems her thoughts about herself, looking to be shallow and obsessed with pulling the opposite sex.

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Gerty MacDowell ‘s black fiscal chances motivate her demand to pull a suited hubby. Turning up her house was plagued by domestic force and alcohol addiction, ‘her ain male parent, a quarry to the exhausts of poisoning, forgot himself wholly ‘ ( p. 265 ) . This fuels her demand to happen an solid male parent figure to replace that which she had in her young person. However it could be argued that the ground that she is still hankering for a adult male is that she can non convey herself to swear any adult male, as her male parent was the lone adult male in her life with which she could take an illustration from.Had her male parent merely avoided the apparels of the devil drinkaˆ¦ she might now be turn overing in her passenger car, 2nd to noneaˆ¦ but [ alcohol addiction ] had cast its shadow over her childhood. ( p.

265 )This suggests that Gerty ‘s position of work forces could go warped through the actions of her male parent, exposing her to the inhuman treatment of big life while still a kid. Her childhood was n’t filtered from the horror of big life, therefore ensuing in an inability to be in a fulfilling relationship. Despite her upbringing and witnessing her male parent succumb to the ‘demon drink ‘ ( p. 265 ) Gerty still tries to keep on to what society has told her to be, the ‘sterling good girl ‘ ( p. 265 ) she believes she ought to be. In malice of this the position of Gerty portrayed to the reader is one that the society has created ; she has concealed her ain feelings and truths that may be unpleasant.she had even witnessed in the place circle workss of force caused by intemperance and had seen her ain fatheraˆ¦ forget himself wholly for if there was one thing of all things that Gerty knew it was the adult male who lifts his manus to a womanaˆ¦ be branded the lowest of the low. ( p.

265 )It becomes clear that Gerty ‘s childhood was riddled with force to boot has strong feelings about her male parent and idealistic positions of work forces as whole, nevertheless she is deluded by the regulations of society to experience and state what she really feels farther hiding countries of world she believes she should non confront.[ 2 ]Although she knows that matrimony is her lone flight from her life as it is, nevertheless non merely does her play down psychologically keep her dorsum from prosecuting in relationships, as Maria Luddy suggest, the current province of adult females in Ireland besides hinders her yearning for matrimony. From 1901-1911 female celibacy degrees doubled, bespeaking an increasing position of a hapless Catholic adult females.[ 3 ]However this does n’t halt her from seeking a hubby that can supply for her and make full the nothingness that her male parent was unable to make full, she longs for an older adult male with ‘hair somewhat flecked with Grey ‘ ( p. 263 ) . That can ‘take her in his sheltering weaponries.

‘ ( p. 263 ) . She actively desires a adult male that can replace the male parent figure that she ne’er had when turning up, she requires the security that can merely be found in a loving male parent.[ 4 ]Gerty conforms to the idealistic position of adult females in authoritative Hollywood film, merely as an object to be gazed and viewed by a commanding male stare. ‘he was eyeing her as a snake eyes its quarry. ‘ ( p. 269 ) The objectification becomes evident with the exhibition she performs for Bloom, ‘ [ Keeping a pose ] lost in idea, staring far off in the distance ‘ ( p.

260 ) . She allows herself to be used by the dominant male for a agency of pleasance, underscoring how she separates herself from the typical inexperienced person immature miss. She is in fact in control of the state of affairs while leting the male to believe that she is unmindful to his screenings. ‘Gerty could see without looking that he ne’er took his eyes off her. ‘ ( p. 269 ) This disingenuous public presentation simulates the method of the ‘Mutoscope ‘ that became really popular in the early 1900 ‘s. This allowed people, chiefly males, to see adult females while puting themselves in a dominant place holding control over the twist to rhythm through the legion adult females contained within the Mutoscope this reveals that she is non a victim of Bloom ‘s sexual desire but is in fact an expert in working it. She is able to which functions, going the more dominant character, and take pleasance in his reaction which ‘set her prickling in every nervus ‘ ( p.

269 ) . instead than merely going an object to which he finds entertaining on face value.[ 5 ]Molly Bloom shows that she is a dominant character with the novel every bit good ; nevertheless she creates this image otherwise than Gerty. Molly dominants the work forces that she engages in relationships with instead than with the general populace of males, She is the chief person in her relationships, taking on the dominant male function. On the twenty-four hours that her and Bloom were engages she ‘got him to suggest ‘ ( p. 525 ) and Blooms memory enhances this image of Molly ‘s laterality as he recalls that ‘she kissed me, I was kissed. ‘ ( p. 505 ) .

Both of these incidences place Molly in the typical male function proposing that the adult females really control the work forces instead than the other manner around. Her laterality is n’t limited to Bloom either, she recalls how she came to win Boylan by actively prosecuting him, after she had set eyes upon and desiring him, by sing the topographic point she had first met him for ‘2 yearss after in the hope ‘ ( p. 497 ) .those atrocious names with underside in them Mrs Ramsbottom or some other sort of a bottom Mulvey I wouldnt travel huffy about either or say I divorced him Mrs Boylan my female parent whoever she was might hold given me a nicer name.

( p. 510 )This presents the reader with an penetration into the beliefs that Molly ‘s holds and how she perceives the universe. She believes that she is entitled to sexual freedom and should be able to do her ain picks in life and with relationships. This is farther enforced through her actions of comparing both Bloom and Boylan, this comparing allows her to do a pick of which she considers to seek a relationship with.Within John Fowles ‘ ‘The French Lieutenant ‘s adult females ‘ gender and the presentation of adult females differs to that of ‘Ulysses ‘ . Whereas the adult females in ‘Ulysses ‘ are shown in control of the opposite sex, the adult females in ‘The French Lieutenant ‘s adult females ‘ finally seek to interrupt from the patriarchal sexual and societal laterality put upon them by the Victorian society. Sarah is a premier illustration of a adult female seeking to interrupt free of the bonds that come with the impression of being a Victorian upper category lady ‘I want to be what I am, non what a hubby, nevertheless sort, nevertheless indulgent, must anticipate me to go in matrimony.

[ 6 ]Sarah ‘s love matter with the Gallic Lieutenant and visits to the Undercliff create an aura of bitterness around herself from the other adult females within the novel. She is in direct misdemeanor of the beliefs and regulations of an upper category lady and is therefore excluded by the citizens of Lyme. Sarah does n’t let herself to be confined by the sexual rules, allowing the rumor of kiping with the Gallic Lieutenant to go around. ‘Given the veneer of a lady, she was made the perfect victim of a caste society ‘ ( p. 50 ) . This finally leads to Charles going funny about her, and finally physiques to Sarah go forthing Charles after they both have sex. This shows that Sarah has control over Charles despite the rumors proposing otherwise. However leting the rumor to go around has created the Victorian society, who attach great importance to the thought of virginity, to label her a prostitute and a fallen adult females.

This shows how fighting against the sexual restraints can alter a adult female ‘s place to an solid member of society to an castaway shunned by the remainder of the populace. Towards the terminal of the novel Sarah appears as a new adult female, declining the bonds of matrimony with Charles. This transmutation sets her above the Victorian adult females and shows that she has broken free of the regulations of the Victorian society and she can genuinely be free.Similar to Gerty, Sarah appears to hold control over the opposite sex without work forces cognizing they are in fact being dominated instead than the other manner around ; both of their schemes consist of nuance and non being forthright with their purposes, whereas Molly is shown to rule work forces much more socially. The adult females in ‘Ulysses ‘ control the work forces in the novels while still being socially accepted, nevertheless Sarah is considered a sexual Rebel and is excluded socially from other characters.Ernestina on the other manus is the societal norm of the Victorian epoch, she is used as a figure of the sexual restraints that adult females held.

‘Ernestina wanted a hubby, wanted Charles to be that hubby, wanted kids ; but the payment she mistily divined she would hold to do for them seemed inordinate. ‘ ( p. 30 ) . She is the antonym of Sarah, conforming to the ideals of Victorian adult females, making what is told of her by Charles and by and large stand foring the ethical motives of the Victorian adult females. The sexual repression that is channelled through Ernestina becomes reinforced by the impression that intercourse is considered beastly by the adult females of the epoch ‘She had one time or twice seen animate beings couple ; the force haunted her head. ‘ ( p.30 ) .

This suggests that her sexual desires must be suppressed in order to maintain her muliebrity integral and to be socially accepted by society.[ 7 ]Both ‘Ulysses ‘ and ‘The French Lieutenant ‘s Women ‘ portray the constructs of the ethical motives of Victorian adult females in England, nevertheless in different ways they besides show adult females ‘s desire to interrupt free from the societal norm. Gerty additions control over work forces through her sexual exhibition in which she allows Bloom to believe he is the dominant half whereas Gerty skillfully exploits his sexual desires for her ain personal addition.

Molly is less elusive and socially controls the work forces in her life. She actively dominates the relationships she engages in and is unashamed to demo her laterality. However Sarah wants to interrupt free from society and no longer be suppressed by the ethical motives held by the adult females of the Victorian epoch, much to the disgust of the fellow characters within the novel.


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