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The process of writing a composition, I believe, encompasses a series of decision-making process. Finding an answer to the questions arising out of such procedure may be a daunting task, especially if the questions ask for the criteria that administer such a choice. There definitely seem to be many differences regarding the criteria of the choices made in writing research literature. Some believe the nature of the readership that guides the writer in choosing the technique, while others believe it depends on the topic, yet others believe that it solely depends on lexical and syntax choices.

Therefore, there several arguments that demonstrates the reason for choice of a particular technique in writing an essay. This essay will ascertain the reason for choosing a particular technique in writing a college essay and the effect of choosing the topic. The previous essay that I wrote for this class was a cause and effect composition. A cause and effect essay usually is an amalgamation of information – both primary and secondary – collected over a period for arguing the thesis of the essay and then analyzing it. In the following sections, I will describe the stages of the idea development and writing of the essay, and then describe the process of proofreading and editing of the essay. The pre-writing process is an essential part of writing a composition as this allows the writer to discover the legitimate parts of the composition that should be included in the writing process. Therefore, this is a stage when the whole of the material is to be collected.

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The actual writing is not done in this stage. For my previous essay, I collected required material for the essay from various sources, and assembled them in a logical fashion in order to bring forth proper meaning out of it. However, one problem that I faced with this stage that while writing an essay, it is difficult to distinguish clearly between the different stages of writing. As a writer, one constantly collecting material, writing, re-writing or editing the composition. Therefore, segregating the material collecting stage as the first step becomes difficult.

I believe this stage model fails to capture the moment-to-moment flow of intellect that may occur due to a continuous interaction between the three stages that occur simultaneous and not one at a time. Therefore, this model, I feel, does not demonstrate the process of idea development that occurs inside a writer. Writing of a composition is a difficult task when one has other commitments to look at. I was writing the essay while I had number of other problems gnawing at me, or other decision to I had to take that were troubling me, or I was simply fatigued due to the other works I had done before sitting down to write the essay. The bottom line is, there were thousand other things that may have troubled my mind while I tried hard to concentrate and assimilate my thoughts to jot down a few words relevant to the thesis I had made.

Alas! It is a daunting task to concentrate on one’s present work when the mind is split into millions of others. As I tried to think of the mobile phone and its competitors, the thought of the new stunt I learnt at the martial arts class rushed in like the crusaders of the lost arch and raged a battle against my present thought process. When I successfully defeated my foe, another emerged from the gym class I had that day, and I was defeated. Mind is a frivolous being, if not controlled with great precision.

My mind, I believe, is completely unmanageable, susceptible even to the slightest temptation. Therefore, writing about a Nokia phone and comparing it with the competing model was a daunting task. I collected the material, but it took a lot of time to assimilate the data logically in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the former.

So I scrapped a few questions in my mind that would demonstrate the real problem – why was Nokia better than the other brands, how was it better, and if these features provided in the phone sustainable? Asking myself these three questions, I set out on the quest of writing the composition. I divided the essay into three main parts – the first two would discuss the two models under review separately, and then compare them on their strengths and weaknesses. While writing the essay, I encountered many technical jargons that eluded my intellect. However, I applied them after ascertaining their meaning and put forth my comparison of the two phones. Once the writing stage was over, the editing stage was even more difficult as the process entailed properly proofreading for grammatical errors, spelling mistake or syntax errors. I read and re-read the whole essay repeatedly to confirm that the grammatical errors were eradicated. Finally, I re-wrote the essay with fresh thoughts, and ideas infused in it, such that the thought process was clearer, and the essay retained its analytical nature, rather than being a mere description of the technicalities. Writing a composition while there are hundred other thoughts running after you can be difficult.

However, a detailed understanding of the process involved a certain form of essay helps the writer immensely in penning down her thoughts. The forms of essays details out different facets of writing that kind of essay and the way these essays make an impression on the reader. Therefore, while writing an essay and in deciding the nature of the essay, it is important to ascertain the nature of the topic and the readership. This will help in writing the essay.


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