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The largest seed belongs to Coco De Mer Palm it weighs three stone – forty two pounds! Seed tape, is strips of paper that have seeds embedded into them. Planting seed tapes or mats are easier to plant because they are built together so it requires less effort. Seed tape stabilizes the seeds position in the soil. Seed tape can germinate with no problems if you cover it with weed tree soil for weeds, the seed tape will have several advantages such as it is pre made and already has the seed. You can make seed tape by unrolling a paper towel and putting a seed in the paper towel then seal the paper towel with the seed. For the best results make sure you keep the seed tape moist seed tape works best with loose small seeds. Seed tape is not used for large seeds, all you do is plant the seed into a furrow and then water. You can find seed tapes in gardeners or seed catalogs.(Using Seed Tapes),(What Is Seed Tape?), and (Growvey). Hydroponics is a good alternative to soil but has more maintenance  or effort to use. Soil is a nonrenewable source but is a natural body comprised  of solids,liquids, and gases. Soil stores 0.01% total water on Earth, soil can be created by floods and other natural disasters, also plants can help break down rocks to create new bits of soil, such as humus or organic which is mostly organic matter such as decaying leaves , topsoil which is mostly minerals with organic matter mixed in with it, eluviated soil consists of leached clay that moved down from horizons. Plants need soil with a reasonable texture. The best soil is highly enriched in with bits of minerals and organic materials. Soil with a large amount of sand particles tend to drain water better but it stays loose and contains a lot of air but low in nutrients. Soil with clay particles hold plenty of water and nutrients.(Soil For Kids),(Companion Planting). Lettuce is part of the daisy family. It is mostly grown as a leaf vegetable. Lettuce is the most commonly used for salad vegetable.It’s grown in more cooler areas and is also put in a cooler after being harvested. It grows better in spring and fall. Temperatures between 45 and 65 are the best degrees for growing. Lettuce grows best in humus soil and also rich well drained soil. You can get early harvest if you don’t have a hard freeze. The lettuce that grows in cold weather is red and green leaf lettuce.(wikipedia),(The Old Farmers Almanac),(Southern Living)


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