Business to have a value of $57.6

Business Plan

“The Panini King” will provide freshly made Panini’s in a short time with several choices in the type of bread, cheese and meat for the customers. There will also be side–dishes such as chips, dips, and salads. It is being planned and built by an educated and vastly experienced entrepreneur, Mr. Peter McConkey. Since market conditions in an area can have a significant impact on the profitability of the restaurant (Goodpasture et al), “The Panini King” located in a busy business area will satisfy an unmet demand for fast food do-it yourself (DIY). The Panini King is not “just another” fast food company rather it will be a unique combination of excellent customized food at value pricing in an entertaining atmosphere. Our studies and experience show that customers (1) want value for everything that it purchases, (2) a clean restaurant (3) want choices (4) want useful suggestions, and (3) want quick service – a necessity for any fast food company (restaurantowner.

com). Panini King will do this by providing customized, fresh and tasty sandwiches within a short frame of time. It will also provide customers options in bread, cheeses, and meat in their Panini’s along with a healthy salads, chips, and drinks. “In 2010, the United States fast food market is forecast to have a value of $57.6 billion, an increase of 12.1% since 2005” (McCarty).This plan is prepared to establish the financial viability of the restaurant and to raise $40,000 in a 7-year term loan to finance the equipment and leasehold improvements. Additional financing required will be provided by the owner.

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In the first three years of operation the objectives are to make the joint a popular destination for customers, keeping the cost of food under 30% of revenue, keeping labor cost between 25 to 30% of revenue, reaching annual sales volume of 1 million dollars, controlling costs, and hiring professionals such as CPA’s, to keep the business under control.


The mission of “The Panini King” is to be a premier fast food company. Our guests will not just enjoy their Panini’s but also enjoy the ambience when visiting The Panini King, hoping to give an experience that is as pleasing to the senses as it is to the palate. With its comfortable, conversational surroundings, and quality ingredients, it is easy to see why Panini King would succeed in its mission (Panera Bread, 2009).

Keys to Success

There are key external factors that are outside the control of the owner but can have but are likely to have an impact on business (IBISworld). However, the keys to our success lies in : (1) Creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere that will set us apart from our competitors. (2) Serving healthy menu selections at unbeatable prices in a clean environment, consistently. (3) Controlling costs and (4) Hiring and retaining the most suitable people for the job.

Company Summary

The identifying characteristics of the Panini King will be Entertaining surroundings, Quality food, Variety, Longer hours, Self-service, and Friendly employees.

Company Ownership

Peter McConkey, the sole proprietor of the Panini King with Bachelors in Science degree from University California with Major in Economy and Minor in Management. Mr. McConkey had his initial experience from family owned business based on which he has launched his own business initiative.

He also has experience in distribution and customer relationship and has demonstrated his skills in marketing and advertising.

Start-Up Summary

Panini Joint’s start-up expenses include Restaurant Layout – employees, and professionals to plan leasehold improvements and interior design. Travel – Travel expenses for Mr. Peter to travel to his location of business. Lease Hold Improvement/Equipment – would be installed after the initial planning.

Marketing Strategy

A mix of TV advertisements and distribution of flyers to local businesses will be used to announce the opening of the restaurant. Local radio and print media will also be used to announce the opening of the best and only Panini fast food company in California. Free Panini’s will offered to the first 100 customers and a novel concept of having Panini’s named after customers who visit the joint the most and place it in a prominent place.

The ultimate form of advertising is the word of mouth and this is what we will encourage our loyal customers to do on an ongoing basis.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy is to provide best customer service to increase repeat customers. Once the sales reaches over $ 400,000 per year we plan to open additional joints in other cities across USA. We intend to franchise the name and the business system across the country and maintain a standardized approach to all centers. This in turn will result in more jobs creation which will be available to young, dynamic and hard-working individuals.


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