The page after you select a section is

The informational
website I choice was I feel as though the website is set
up very organized. In the home page each category that the website provides can
be easily accessed by clicking “Learn More” on the category. After clicking
“Learn More” it will give you another page that shows in depth information on
whichever category you select. At the top of a page after you select a section
is a summary of the topics included. Each category is highlighted in big, bold
black text so that the information that follows for the section is very clear.
In the informational paragraphs of each section, the website has highlighted
certain key words that may be important. Along with the highlighted key words,
the website also has pictures and videos that go along with the text to give a
visual to the reader. Finally, at the bottom of the page category you selected
is a section for more questions, as well as a arrow that can take to more
sections similar to the section or page you are on. To finish off the page is a
quiz you can take if you think you might be pregnant.

            Overall, I like the website. I think it was organized so
that everything could be found easily. I think the pictures and videos that
they include really help to complement what the viewer reads on the website. This
can be very helpful for some people. I also liked they way that each section
was labeled with bold writing. This helped to make sure that I would not get
lost while reading. I think that it was a great idea for the website to include
a arrow that takes you to similar topics. As far as what I did not like, there
was not much. One thing I did not like that when you selected a topic, you had
to scroll through the sub categories. So, if what you want to view is at the
bottom of the page you must go through all the other topics. That is something
I would change. I would implement a dropdown box or a
similar tool with the subcategory topics.

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