The operators, huge demand-supply gap, under recovery. Transportation

The development of transportation is considered
as the most significant driver for social progress. It allows people to
interact and enables delivery of goods and services around the world. City
transportation is an important pillar for quality of life of citizens in a
city. Currently, in most of the cities, public and private road transportation
are the key mode of commuting and logistics. Some large and mega cities have
metro and local train network as the backbone transportation mode. Lack of
quality and safe public transportation, inadequate capacity of public
transportation, road safety concerns, overcrowded road network, poor traffic
management, parking issues, theft, poor road conditions, lack of modal options
(including pedestrian walkways) remain the key issues in most of the cities.
Most cities also lack the integrated transportation plans leading to huge
demand-supply gap and poor transportation network. For transport operators,
huge demand-supply gap, under recovery. Transportation is a key pillar for
quality of life inacity. city needs a balanced focus in terms of
improving/extending transportation infrastructure and leveraging smart
technology solutions. While, there is lots that needs to be done to
improve/extend public transportation infrastructure in cities and Government is
investing in various national/ state/ local initiatives to improve public
transportation, there is also need to leverage Smart Technology Solutions to
quickly imp  … Over the last few
decades, urban commutes have emerged as a genuine nightmare. The result? Wasted
time and fuel, higher levels of pollution, frayed nerves, safety concerns, and
inefficiencies that rock the foundation of modern economies. Transportation
systems are at a crossroads. We can choose to tolerate increasing congestion of
our city roads, airports and harbors, or we can forge ahead with increasingly
efficient, environmentally friendly and secure modes of transport and
transportation hubs that take advantage of smart technologies. At Fore Scout
Technologies, we’re forging ahead with security solutions that are helping
transportation professionals embrace smart technologies that are the basis for
tomorrow’s smart transportation systems. We are seeing new service models
emerge to support people’s transport needs. Changing travel Preferences, the
explosion of on-demand and shared services such as Uber and ZipCar, the use of
smart phones and journey planning apps, and the introduction of autonomous cars
in the future are among the developments that are changing the mobility
paradigm that has lasted for many generations.


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