The TempestThe Tempest, Shakespeare’s play is set on a peculiar island enclosed by the ocean.

Prospero is the leader of the island along with his two servants called by Caliban and Ariel. Caliban is the caustic, vulgar son of Sycorax the evil witch. Prospero treats his two servants in completely different manors as their behavior and loyalty towards him differ. Prospero treats Caliban in a strict, and some may say even ruthless manner as he is constantly insulting him and threatening him with harsh punishments that he can inflict by his powerful magic as he says “tonight thou shalt have cramps Thou shalt be pinched each pinch more stinging Than bees made ’em.

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(1.2.32)  When Prospero was shipwrecked on the island he really liked Caliban which made him treat Caliban in a kind matter but their relationship and views got completely changed when Prospero was informed that Caliban had tried to rape his loving daughter, Miranda which was stated through the line “‘thou didst seek to violate the honour of my child.

” (1.2.47)  Prospero learnt from his mistake in treating Caliban so kindly without knowing who he truly was on the inside. From then on Prospero knew he was to be strict and firm or else Caliban would willingly take advantage of his kindness again.

Prospero typically calls Caliban and Ariel by the name of slave or servant. Prospero calls Ariel servant as well as spirit and infrequently uses Ariel’s name. It is quite apparent that Prospero feels that he owns Ariel, as he is always calling Ariel “My brave spirit” (2.2.23) these sentences show that Prospero feels as though he has possession over Aerial but he connects this possession with a positive word such as brave. Prospero calls aerial because he views her as his “angel” servent. This is reflected on what Ariel calls Prospero which is master.

Ariel and Prospero’s relationship is like a daughter and father, He is strict with her so that she does not have to think back on the way he does things. Ariel is a very elegant spirit who has courtesy for others and beauty as well as a strong personality as she willingly obeys Prospero in exchange for future rewards ike her freedom and trust.


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