As indicate that they are still allegations

As such The articles is slightly inappropriate in the academic sense, it does not really dissert the issues surrounding the ‘Pan crisis’ but adopts more of a evening ‘current affairs’ approach by talking to people affected by an issue rather than explaining the issue itself. Interpretation: This gives an almost glowing view of complimentary health care, articles such as these should rally more support behind non-pharmaceutical -5- preparations and of course indirectly promote ACCM as a socially responsible organisation.As previously mentioned the author stated that the only product to have caused harm was Travacalm and he clearly illustrated that it was a pharmaceutical preparation. This means that if this message successfully reaches users of complimentary medicines, they will continue to use complimentary health products. Allied Health Companies such as Mayne and complimentary health care providers will realise that the problem (if it is indeed a problem) is one of manufacturing, not the safety, nor the efficacy of complimentary medicines and will continue to contract suppliers of complimentary health care products.-6- Article File 2: August 26 Watchdog claims Pan Errors were deadly, Chris Jones, Page 7, Courier Mail  Accusations that TGA bungled Pan pharmaceutical investigation Jim Selim said that the TGA lacked any proof of safety threat TGA admits that it did not test all the recalled products TGA said it was because the products created immediate risks of death they did not test them Article Report 2: Direction of Coverage for ACCM: This article balances viewpoints, however in the overall sense of the article is very negative toward complimentary preparations.

It quotes Jim Selim (founder of Pan) and allegations from the TGA that the Pan’s alternative medicines were ‘literally deadly’. However, it does not indicate that they are still allegations and even after five months there is still no evidence. It states that there are ongoing criminal investigations into Mr Selim in an attempt to discredit the quote that the TGA lacked any proof. It quotes the TGA’s media release when it states “‘…

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[The TGA] did not test all pan products because manufacturing processes ‘were considered so poor'”.It furthermore fails to indicate that the expert committee was an expert TGA committee and the fact that the recall was not only for complimentary preparations but there were 2 pharmaceuticals involved in the recall as well (Travacalm(r) and Allegron(r)). On the other hand the title does point out that the TGA is only claiming that the errors were deadly. Factual Accuracy: The facts stated are accurate Point Of View: There is no direct opinion in the article, it generally approaches the article with a ‘just the facts’ view or rather just the quotes.It [resents as more of a debate between the TGA and Jim Selim than an article. Additional Information: This article was positioned on page 7 of the Courier Mail and as such is given a status of mediocre importance.

As previously mentioned the article just states the quotes and does not really comment on their nature and as such in an academic sense is perfectly adequate in respect to the way in which the quotes are direct, despite the quotes being chosen to give a negative view of complimentary -7- preparations. It identifies publics such as the TGA, Pan and in less direct sense users of alternative remedies.Interpretation: The article ultimately gives a poor rap as it were to ACCM and other complimentary medicine users as it links vitamin and mineral products to being ‘literally deadly’ and as such could make the users of complimentary medicines discontinue usage of supplements altogether. It has and may in the future add to the scepticism of pharmaceutical scientists and non-users of alternative therapies. It may also potentially incite anguish from Pan employees, associates and users of Pan products against the TGA for its ‘bungled’ investigation.Article File 3: Industry Questions Pan Recall legality, May 20, 2003, Marianne Betts, Page 3, The Dominion Post Overview: NZ complimentary medicine organisations get legal advice regarding recall legality  No evidence in NZ that there was any danger to public  Recall cost industry millions of dollars  Recall ordered after Australia’s recall Article Report 3: Direction of Coverage for ACCM: This article delivers a neutral view of the complimentary health industry, but at the same time incites compassion for the industry by highlighting the impact on the alternative medicine market.

It also subtly states that it was the TGA and the NZ Food Safety Associations fault. The article implicitly states that the ‘reason’ that the complimentary products were recalled was a result of 87 reactions to Travacalm(r). Furthermore, the author has clearly indicated that Travacalm is a pharmaceutical drug not a complimentary medicine. It makes the TGA and NZ Food Safety Association appear injudicious and foolish by illustrating the potential illegality of the recall. Factual Accuracy: All facts stated are accurate Point Of View: There is no ‘point of view’ in this article per se.It does however push the point that there was no evidence of any danger to public health in New Zealand.

The author also selected quotes that would give a negative view of the organisations involved in the initiation of the recall by using quotes containing terms such as ‘no evidence’. Additional Information: This article appeared on page three of New Zealand’s national paper, The Dominion Post demonstrating that the article was rather important. Pan pharmaceuticals and ‘the complimentary health industry’ are identified.

-9- Interpretation: This article does little to boost ACCM, however it does sympathise with the plight of NZ complimentary medicine market. This therefore helps attach an emotional component to the issue. It also gives a somewhat negative view of NZ Food Safety Association, the minister for Food Safety and less directly the TGA.

This has flow on effect to ACCM, in terms of rather than boosting ACCM’s reputation, it is slightly tarnishing the reputations of those who ordered the recall, thereby benefiting ACCM.This means that those averse to governmental control over complimentary medicine will rally support behind complimentary. It will change focus from the target publics such as health care providers wanting to sue Pan and other complimentary medicine organisations, but will hopefully, incite questioning toward the governmental authorities who ordered the recall without basis and alert people to the governments defilement of the status of complimentary health organisations and indeed complimentary preparations themselves. -10-Article File 4 “New fears with script drug recall, Jen Kelly, page 2, May 3, Herald Sun  Prescription drug added to recall list Only one batch = 82440  Some may have been dispensed to patients  Unlikely any more prescription drugs to be recalled  Authorities dismiss that some beer contained yeast manufactured by Pan Article Report 4: Direction of Coverage for ACCM: Unsurprisingly this article gives a generally neutral view of the events for it usually only states the facts of what happened. The article is not favourable of the complimentary health industry.The words used in the article that are remotely emotive are “fear” and “fiasco”. However the article does begin in a panicked sense. But, later alleviates tension with quotes from ‘knowledgeable’ sources.

Factual Accuracy: The article is generally factual in terms of the real content that appears. Point Of View: This article is clearly based around the view from the pharmaceutical industry, for it does not quote anyone from ACCM that could illustrate the bizarre nature of the comments and therefore rebut the attacks made on the complementary health industry.There are however a variety of opinions made from persons with a vested interest in the pharmaceutical industry. The article makes no application to the fact that considering a prescription drug was recalled that the Pan ‘issue’ is one of manufacturing problems as opposed to the efficacy of complimentary medicines like earlier and indeed later reports would have one believe. The article does not mention which consumers have been affected, nor that according to the Dr Ian Hickie that withdrawal of the Allegron(r) could result in a :”relapse into depression and experience sleep disturbances and vivid nightmares.

-11- Additional Information: This article is located on page 2 of the Herald Sun, giving the indication that it was important. However, on the first day of the Pan saga there were 2 articles on the front of the Courier mail, 734 and 577 words respectively. Whilst in specific relation to Allegron there was just one article of 400 words. The article identifies public such as users of Allegron and the wider scope of pharmaceutical users particularly Pan’s pharmaceuticals users, it also identifies the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Interpretation: This article provides a diverse range of ‘facts’.

The quotes selected try to play down the fact that a pharmaceutical has been recalled. It thereby tactfully aids ACCM because it illustrates that this ‘issue’ is about Pan’s manufacturing processes, not the safety or efficacy of complimentary medicines. On the other hand it does refer to Pan as being a disgraced natural medicine firm.

-12- Article File 5: Medicine Chaos Spreads April 30 Page 1, Leanne Edmistone, Courier Mail Overview:  Hundreds more products added to recall list About 200 Companies affected Mayne refunds some customersProducts prices expected to rise significantly  Pan says punishment greater than crime  Non Pan-based companies shares surged  ACNM says up to 2000 small businesses could fail and 5000 employees could lose their jobs. Article Report 5: Direction Of Coverage for ACCM: This article has perspectives from a few sides. It makes out that the complimentary medicine providers will be using this time to cash in by increasing its retail prices by 25-50%. It does however detail how many people could be out of a job if Pan’s license were not returned.The article quotes a person from Pan saying that the punishment is far greater than the crime. It also says that the reactions from the medicines could be deadly Factual Accuracy: Of the facts stated all are correct.

Point Of View: The overall tone of the text is negative but in the main towards complimentary health but to Pan Pharmaceuticals. It uses emotive language such as ‘chaos’, ‘scrambled’, ‘disgraced’, ‘serious’ and ‘deadly’. It utilises quotes from Pan Pharmaceuticals staff saying that they were ‘shocked’ at the recall and it posed no threat to consumers.Additional Information: This article made the headlines and took up most of the front page indicating the story was of ‘high’ importance. It was however 2 days after the recall had begun and did not really reveal any further information.

In the first sentence it identifies three publics; consumers, retailers and suppliers. It later lists suppliers such as Mayne, Cenovis, Nature’s Own, Natural Nutrition, Bio-Organics and Golden Glow. Interpretation: This article is slightly negative towards the complimentary medicine industry as it implies that -14- Article File 6: “Pills work?Prove it”, Andrew Bolt, Page 19, May 1, Herald Sun 2003 Ingredients don’t work  Public are influenced by anti-science, neo pagans  Various statistics about “ineffectiveness” Complementary medicines “do not have to prove benefit”  Australians spend 4 times the amount on alternative remedies than pharmaceutical goods That more educated people were more likely to use alternative remedies Article Report 6: Direction Of Coverage for ACCM: This article has clearly been designed to give a very negative view of the complementary health services industry and as would be expected this impacts on ACCM.


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