The numerous social media factors and television broadcasting,

The Relationship Between Eating
Disorder and Western Culture at Large

relationship western culture has on eating disorders is that they are
ultimately the trailblazer that changes the course of influence on individuals.
Media is the is body of the community, it has information on everything and at
last determines if that information is good or not. Media possesses power in depicting
advertisements such as Victoria’s Secrets, which intrigues individuals in
believing the fab belief that models must be thin, tall and maintain a certain
beauty. Individuals believe and follow media, by assuming that if media is
promoting a certain ideology, most of other individuals/community must also
believe in that same ideology. This recognition causes numerous outputs, such
as individuals developing anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating
disorder, which are far more common in females than males, particularly the
younger generations of the 21st Century. Western culture plays an undisputable
dominant role in the shaping of future generations because it is the main
factor that these generation will look up to. Not only do these messages
promote products, but they also influence people’s lifestyles. Western culture
and media benefits one another by promoting the authority and credibility of
our culture throughout eastern culture. Western culture possesses a sense of
ideal ideology that other cultures must follow because media promotes to be the
optimal way of life since we “know it all”. Furthermore, when individuals feel
outside of our cultural norm, they feel eager to conform to it. Therefore, I
believe that eating disorders are formed through these socio-cultural
interactions with the mass media amongst other determinants that are integral to
Western culture.

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      Nowadays, numerous social media factors
and television broadcasting, such as movies and magazines promote an outlet to
eating disorders through the individuals indulged or working for it. They explain
that this isn’t the way one should treat their body, however, the models that
represent that moral still engage in that type of influence which contradicts
their actions. Although these eating disorders are not only limited to the
Western world, they are still more common in Western society than anywhere else.
Media promoting tall, thin and stereotypical beauty for women creates a
platform for women of all ages, in which they will inevitably look at. Due to
this, women are naturally going to believe that this is the optimal version of
a woman, and that they are supposed to look like this if they want to be considered
a woman. Furthermore, women motives change in attempt to change their weight and
appearance through unrealistic measure. In acknowledging that through these
unrealistic changes, women and also men both do develop eating disorders,
however, media praises the accomplishments and beauty of these physical
characteristics, thus women and men continue to strive to conform to media’s
ideology of beauty due to the feeling of acceptance and accomplishment. Furthermore,
young women who attempt to follow their exercise and make-up/facial routines
usually do so in such an excessive manner which can sometimes prove to be extremely
dangerous to their well-being. Due to the fact that unrealistic beauty
standards are set by the mass media, many young women and sometimes even men,
develop unrealistic body images and prioritize their appearance over their

     Contrary with the mass
media, our environment and elites around us also highly influence the way in
which we act. More precisely, the school environment has a dominant impact on
how we as human beings perceive ourselves, both physically and psychologically.
In other words, the younger generation has an inevitable tendency to fall
victim to peer pressure and the difficulty to fit in. Educational systems fail
to address the issues of eating disorders, however teaching children that
genetics play a determinant role on how one looks may be crucial for
individuals psychologically acknowledging that, being physically outside of the
norm is natural and normal. Another crucial information that failed to be
brought forward by educational systems is that, they way we are nurtured in countless
of different ways. The minute a child is born, its parents/guardians become the
most important and influential people they encounter. Not only this, but they
serve as primary role models not only through their actions, but by their
attitudes and behaviors and how they interact with the world. With families
being primary influencers, I believe that is it crucial that we teach children
to accept themselves the way they are at a much younger age and give appropriate
knowledge to help the child appreciate and accept one’s self.

     Although eating disorders has existed for
generations to come, the fab of ideal body types is fairly new. As mentioned
earlier, this is due to the fact that Western culture is largely being
influenced by socio-cultural interactions within mass media. As the modern
world and technology continues to advance, people have a tendency to become
more and more insecure with their bodies in which this is due to the growth of
mass media throughout the years. In addition, with the pre-existing popularity
and powerful role that media possesses, the incline of body ideology trends
will only continue to grow mass media. This is due to individuals wanting to
know what is going to happen next and keep up to date with the world around
them, feeling more conform rather than isolated. A significant cause of this media
portraying the ideal beautiful individuals with their products, so they can
represent to a broader spectrum, in which people bond more with the models
rather than the products. For example, individuals who are fans of Victoria’s Secret’s
lingerie do not follow and look up to the company and their products, but
rather they look to the models and how they can be, if they follow what they
do.  Cultural pressure continues to
reveal unattainable standards of beauty, which means that they are becoming
impossible to meet.

      In conclusion, if there is one thing that
can protect the world from eating disorders it is what began it in the first
place, culture.


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