The Middle East, its history, and influence

The course in the Middle East provides students with a wonderful opportunity to learn and analyze the region between south-western Asia and north-eastern Africa. The point is that the Middle East turned out to be a very important part of the world for numerous international affairs during and after the period of World War II. However, even before that war, the Middle East, its history, and influence helped to comprehend the development and history of other countries and clear up why this or that event happened.

The times between 1850 (the year, when the term “Middle East” appeared in the British India Office) and modern 2001 (the time, when division and negotiations come to their end). Over the last years, the Middle East turns out to be one of known regions due to its ethnic rivalry, political instability, conflicts in the sphere of religion, and wars. Lots of historians and researchers believe that numerous troubles are caused by certain misunderstanding of Islamic principles. In fact, Islam is rather a quickly developing religion through the whole world; people from different places are eager to change their faith and be true Muslims.

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The vast majority of Muslims live in the regions of the Middle East and Asia, this is why those, who want to comprehend better this faith and learn why Muslims take this or that action, it is necessary to start analyzing everything from its origins, from the Middle East. Lots of countries wanted to contact to the countries of the Middle East in order to find another support and more people to fight for common interests and against the same enemies. With the help of analysis the history of the Middle East, it is quite possible to concentrate on some crucially important steps in the development of the whole world. For example, Germany wanted that some Middle East countries took their part and promised to decrease the influence from Russian and American side, however, all their propositions remain to be the words only. In its turn, Great Britain took much more serious and considerable actions in order to gain respect and support of the Middle East during World War I, II, and the Cold War.

The movement during the 1960s in order to reborn their native language, to remind about some historical events, and to become more powerful and even independent countries was inherent to the Middle East. Another, not less important issue is the women’s movement that lasted from the beginning of the 1800s till 2001. All these movements found their reflection in the rest of the world. Women in the United States of America, Mexico, Italy, and Russia were eager to prove their rights. Without any doubts, Islam is one of those religions, which provoke many people to remember about their origins and their rights.

Those, who was not born a Muslim, but still changed their faith with time, could easily find support in the Middle East; this is why lots of people wanted to be a part of the Middle East. The desire to own the territory of the Middle East is the major point that unites the history of this very region with World history. People got chances to fight for their freedoms and be equal with the rest of this world, and the Middle East was the region, where those people were able to start and develop.

This is why the course of the Middle East is rather captivating to study and pay attention to.


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