A West and West (2009), wikis are also

A wiki according to West and West (2009) is an on-line collaborative tool of writing.

Therefore, it can simply be defined as a web space that is collaborative where anybody is at liberty to add new and edit content that has been published (West & West). On the other hand, Myers (2009) defines a wiki to be a web based software that enables all users of the web page to alter the content by editing it online in a browser. It therefore makes it friendly to use especially for cooperative tasks on hypertexts and texts. For that matter, a wiki has several uses in an organization. To begin with, according to Newson, Desyck and Justin (2009), it is designed to aid groups collaborate, build and share online content. This is paramount in learning institutions where by distance learning is enhanced.

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Therefore, wikis help to eliminate geographical distance in terms of group collaborations. Moreover, organization usually use wikis for knowledge management since it allows anybody to contribute. This serves as an excellent platform to record the know-how held by different individuals within an organization.

As a result, wikis act as an arena where this information and knowledge is availed to everybody in the organization. Furthermore, according to West and West (2009), wikis are also useful in the organization such that they reduce email traffic and even to some extent, help to eliminate email uses in the organization. This is so since most of the information communicated in the organization could be communicated through wikis and not the traditional email ways.

This becomes prevalent if the information needs to be communicated internally in the organization.

One of the Products that Create a Wiki and the Description of How to Create It

One of the robust products that help in creating a wiki is the web studio 5.0. This product helps to build different types of wikis including personal, semantic, corporate, structured and peer to peer which are some of categories that are in existence today. Nonetheless, web studio 5.0 is easy to use even to novice users since it has a tutorial tool that can teach someone on how to create a wiki in a step by step manner.

On the other hand, in creating a wiki, there are some steps followed to create a good wiki. For that matter, the initial steps entail planning where the creator needs to decide on the features that the wiki needs to have. Thereafter, one is supposed to choose a license to cover the wiki content before working on the pages. After obtaining a license, one needs to concentrate on the central pages where there is need to create categories. Moreover, in the creation of pages, the creator needs to come up with community guidelines where information to visitors will be displayed to make their contributions.

Reasons for Selecting Web Studio 5.0 for Creation of a Wiki

Nonetheless, the reason for choosing web studio 5.0 for creating a wiki is because of the several benefits that are accrued to this product.

For instance, the tool is extremely easy to use as it enables anyone to create their desired wiki in a short while. In addition, web studio 5.0 has an interface that facilitates a drag and drop design techniques that aid a creator of the wiki to design and create his or her wiki faster than when using other tools that do not allow this.

Moreover, this tool is fully integrated as it enables a direct publishing of the wiki without necessarily entailing services of other tools. In addition, the tool also provides a free hosting of the wiki which aid in previewing it online. Still, it is also imperative to acknowledge that some of the key feature of web studio 5.

0 is a free video tutorial that comes with it. This helps starters and novice creators of wikis to be able to learn and create their own wikis without necessarily going through a classroom instruction.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages and disadvantages that are associated with wikis.

One of the most profound advantages of a wiki is that it is easy to use (Grace, 2009). In organization, there might be other knowledge management systems that are complex to be used by novice users and might only be used by experienced and skilled users. With regard to wikis, they can be easily put into use by the novice system users hence making knowledge management an easy task in the organization. Furthermore, it is important to appreciate that wikis in an organizations serve as repository centers of information (Grace, 2009). This helps in accumulating a pool of information that is critical in the posterity of the organization since different minds, ideas and feeling of stakeholders are able to be assembled together. Nonetheless, wikis also enables to track and revise the content.

A well designed and created wiki facilitates revision and tracking of the contribution of information made. This helps to understand ideas and feelings of different stakeholders in the organization. On the other hand, there are several disadvantages that are associated with use of wikis. To begin with, adoption of wikis in the organization requires training of employees on how to use them (Grace, 2009). This becomes complicated especially if employees are computer illiterate.

Secondly, there is a rapid technological change that takes place in wiki platforms and their engines. Therefore, there is a constant need of data migration. This in most case is costly and time consuming to these organizations. To wind up, wikis are important in the organization and as such, they are related to the topic of computer technology and the networked organization. This is so since they help to connect different stakeholders in the organization hence contributing to business activities of these organizations.


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