The through the influence of media and advertising.

The media hasplayed a large part in creating the social norms in which many think of.  This is because there are many types of mediaout there, including advertisements and television.  The media has thistype of influence on people of all ages.  The influence can be trying to sell acertain item that children and teens would want or how to act or look a certainway. For this, this is why the media has a huge influence on theattitudes and viewpoints of children and teens.

Childrenand teens now live in a world that is covered by media influences.  In the Australian Nursing Journal article itstates, “Media sites provide young people with opportunities to stay connectedwith friends, family, and the world, and develop technical, creative and socialskills” (2012, Australian Nursing Journal).  Before media had the influenceit has children and teens now, there was a time when children and teens reallydid not care what the media had or did.  Butas things moved forward with time, childrenand teens are engaged with what the media has to provide such as reality TV tousing social media. Childrenand teens now have the access to every type of media influence and what affect itcan have on them.  With the many types of media out therefor children and teen, there are concerns from people such as parents andeducators on how the media influence has on them.  One of the concerns thatparents and educators think that the media has on children and teens is howchildren and teens behaviors is influenced by the media.   There are some influencesbetween media content and children and teens behaviors.

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   One of the influences that the media has is over body imageon children and teens.  Body image can be a huge influence onchildren and teens.  The way the mediaportrays body images through the media can be through many things.

  This can include family, peers, fashionindustry and through the influence of media and advertising.  Accordingto one article, “Television has been shown to have the capacity to influenceawareness and to change attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, making itpotentially one of the most powerful educational resources available at thepresent time” (Sanders & Montgomery, 2000). If teensand children see people on the media with a certain body type it can then havean impact on their behavior.  This may bethat they are thinking that they have to look like the people they see on themedia.Somethingelse that the media has an influence on with children and teens is the violentcontent that the media produces.  By seeingthe violence on the media, children and teens will likely behave in the waythat might be considered aggressive or even violent.

  While the influence that the media has onthem, they can even not have the empathy of others or have the feeling of beingafraid all the time.  According to Strasburger, “Research on media violence and its relationship to real-lifeaggression is substantial and convincing. Young persons learn their attitudesabout violence at a very young age and, once learned, those attitudes aredifficult to modify” (Strasburder, 2009). This typeof influence does not always show what would really happen to children andteens if they act out the violence they see on the media.  By them doing that children and teens willnot get the true effect of what would really happens to them if they act out violencein real situations.  Thereis another side of the media, which it has on children and teens, that sidewould be the positive influence it has on them. The media is one of the many reasons why it is now easier for childrenand teens to communicate.

  One of themost effective tools for communication for children and teens is through theInternet.  According to an article byMuto, “Compared with books and othertraditional media, the internet also has an interactive element. Perhaps moreso than older generations, children often use the Internet as a communicationtool” (Muto, 2004 pg.39).  With the manymedia outlets, children and teens are able to communicate with other people.  Alsothe media helps children and teens stay up to date on things that are happeningin the world around them. Additionally,the media is a good way to promote positive messages to teens and children.

Since teens and children are so engrossed in the media world, it is important for the media to usethat as a way to encourage things that teenagers and children are into.  If the media takes what is notinteresting and puts a different outlook on it and then shows it to childrenand teens they will them likely take an interest in it.  An example would be makingthe news geared towards children and teens.  The more children and teen are shown newsinformation the more likely they will be interested.  This can helpeducate children and teens and encourage them to become more involved in things.  Some thing else that the youth canget from the media is important health messages.  For example, they are able to get informationthat would help them such as health information, encouraging healthy eatinghabits, exercising and having healthy relationships with others.

  Somethingelse that the media can show is how people in the media can be role model forchildren and teens. There are many things that celebrities or other individualswho are on the media can show and do to help children and teens understand whatvalues and a positive attitude can look like.  This then can show childrenand teens that if do hard work it can turn into success.Childrenand teens are at a stage where the media will always be a part of their livesand how the effects it will have on them.

  Children and teens are trying to understandwhat the media is saying to them by decoding what they see.  Children and teens like towatch certain things such as love, fashion, and violence.  But then again the mediacan be a place where they get their knowledge.  The way that the media influenceon children and teens can be both positive and negative.The media influenceon children and teens can help build up their knowledge about certain topicsand have an important influence on their outlook towards the topics. Every daythere are things that the media puts out there for children and teens tosee.

  We cannot deny that the media has agreat influence in shaping the way children and teens think.  It is understandable that the media plays animportant part in children and teen’s attitude about things that they are into. Children and teensshould not take what the media does as something that would influence theirlives. It is up to children and teens and their ability to comprehend what themedia is putting out there.  The waychildren and teens lets the media influence them is also through their thinking as well.

  Anexample of this would be if a child or teen has a positive attitude they will seethat the information that is put out in a positive way and use that forsomething good.  The media needs to make the first move toput something out that is truthful and positive rather then something that willmake the media money.  Children and teens are surrounded by differenttype of outlooks that the media puts out for them and with that they should beable to come up with their own judgment with what they think is best for themwhen they see thing coming from the media. 


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