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My project is going to rely on primary data, as the expatriation in its form and implementation are relatively new in Bangladesh. Therefore, previous literatures on it are rather insufficient. Quantitative method will be helpful in comparing and judging the success of the expatriates’ activities in Bangladesh. Qualitative information cannot be exhaustive by nature. However, we can gain important insight form this method, assisting us in the understanding of the impact on the local managers’ performance.It will also be instrumental in finding out new and more efficient strategies that can be undertaken by expatriates. The research will be carried out based on primary data. The primary data will be collected through a survey carried out through a standardised questionnaire using mainly semantic scales.

This research will use a mixture of closed questions and more open comments in the questionnaire. Approximately 50 managers (combination of equal number of expatriate managers and local managers) will be selected through random sampling. The 50 managers would be chosen from different MNCs in Bangladesh.The questionnaire given to expatriate managers will aim to assess their strategies for the development of local managers and the questionnaire given to the local managers will help to measure the effectiveness of these strategies. The questionnaire will follow the semantic scale with a five-point response scale where the respondents will be given five response choices on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 representing the respondent strongly agreeing to the suggestion, and 5 being the respondent strongly disagreeing with it, and the intermediary responses are represented by the values in between.However, to gain a proper insight into the effectiveness of the expatriation, equal number of expatriate managers and local managers will also be interviewed (qualitative method) to explore specific areas. These interviews would be conducted mostly by telephone. By their very nature, telephone interviews will give the easy access to the officials of the different Multi-national Companies.

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I will also exhaust the personal contact list to gather the information.The answers from the qualitative research (i.e. open interviews) will form the basis of conclusion and recommendations. Data Analysis and Presentation The quantitative research will be done in the form of hypothesis testing through a standard regression model. The model will be created using SPSS.

Data collected from the qualitative research will be abbreviated to highlight only the key points to consider. The study utilised first hand data that comes from the chosen respondents who answered the survey-questionnaires given to them.First hand data are those that come from the respondents who have been surveyed prior to the research.

The study has also utilized secondary data. Secondary data include data that have not been collected form the field, but rather form library and data archives, and they include raw and unprocessed data form surveys, published report and journals and also compilations of different data sources, processed and unprocessed. In this study, secondary data has been used.These collections of data were obtained from books, various journals, magazines, newspapers and the like.

The data encompassed marketing strategies and customer satisfactions as well as relevant literatures and survey-based data in order to meet the objectives of this study. Weighted mean for all of the questions and quantitative data were computed to analyse the data. Weighted mean is like an average of sums, with the weight of the quantities varying according to relevance and importance. In other words, not all quantities receive the same value or importance.Each value is multiplied with its weight, and the products are added and then averaged to obtain the weighted average. The findings from the surveys are arranged in tables. Interviews and feedbacks have been integrated based on the outline of analysis.

Relevant literature reviews that back up the findings are also included. Validity Validity of the evaluation tool used for this study has been tested by the researcher by testing the questionnaire among 5 respondents. This can be regarded as a pilot study of sorts, and therefore does not fit into the actual research.The respondents were also asked for feedback, mainly concerning how to fulfil the purpose of the research more effectively through the questions, and that if they need to be amended. The researcher modified the content of the questionnaire based on the assessment and suggestions of the sample respondents. Based on the feedback seemingly irrelevant questions were removed, and vague or difficult terminologies were converted into simpler ones and expressed clearly to make the survey more comprehensive for the selected respondents.

Ethical ConsiderationsThis study required individual participation in a manner that might not be deemed hospitable for the company the individuals work for. Certain issues were addressed therefore. The consideration is deemed important to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the respondents. Identifying these issues was done in a proactive manner, thinking ahead rather than reacting to unforeseen circumstances. The issues included were consent of the respondent, complete confidentiality and data protection where the survey included questions deemed sensitive from the respondent’s point of view.


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