The lactation cycle. How much your cow feeds

The desire of every
dairy farmer is to have “ONE CALF per COW per YEAR”. However, this is always
easier said than done because rearing that calf to maturity is a hurdle most farmers
have to overcome. Calf scours (diarrhea) is one of the main causes of death to
un-weaned calves. Calf health is maintained by feeding Diamond V Original XPC,
which is proven to reduce incidences of diarrhea.

FEED CONVERSION. Success of any dairy enterprise is measured by the
availability of thriving calves and heifers (replacement stock) in the herd. To
achieve this, the rumen performance should be optimum. Feeds incorporated with
Diamond V Original XPC promote growth of adequate population of beneficial
rumen micro-organisms necessary to digest forage.

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To get the best of a
dairy cow, the objective should be; TO FEED THE RUMEN FIRST. Ruminants rely on
the rumen to provide them with >75% of their energy and protein needs. It
should therefore be the goal of every dairy farmer to ensure this vat (rumen)
is at its optimal performance. Diamond V Original XPC promotes a flourishing
rumen microbial population. WHY EXPERIENCE UNPREDICTABLE MILK YIELD? Animals
with vibrant rumen microorganisms have a more consistent milk production
throughout the lactation cycle.

How much your cow feeds
to give you that litre of milk is the main economic question every farmer is
interested in answering. Did you know that FEED INTAKE CAN BE MAINTAINED WHILE
INCREASING MILK PRODUCTION? Diamond V Original XPC in dairy ration is the

Therapeutic and prophylactic use of antimicrobials is at an alarming rate in
the country resulting in an expansion of antimicrobial resistance to bacteria
of medical importance. Diamond V Original XPC is proven to promote gut health
by directly interacting positively with the immune system of the animal.
Animals with a healthy immune system can fight pathogens (disease causing
microorganisms) without use of antibiotics.

Enjoy all these
benefits as Better Foods LTD has Diamond V Original XPC included in their feed,
providing both nutrition and health to your animals.

Dr. Victor O. Onsongo, Bvet
Med. M.Sc
Health and Food Safety Manager, Dairy specialist 


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