‘Zoo It is competitively priced as opposed

‘Zoo Weekly’ magazine was first published in January 2004, around about the same time as it’s rival, ‘Nuts’. These two magazines saw the introduction of the weekly ‘lad’s mag’, as opposed to the monthly magazines, such as FHM and Loaded. It is competitively priced as opposed to the monthly’s, costing only i?? 1. 20 as opposed to Loaded for example, which costs i?? 3. 20. “They’re normal blokes who mostly read a red top paper and probably a men’s monthly from time to time. They drink beer, go to the pub, and watch football.They are relatively high spender’s vs retail indexes in clothes, media, and home electronics” (“Zoo Weekly” portfolio on HYPERLINK “http://www.

emapadvertising. com” www. emapadvertising. com) Zoo’s readership is ABC1C2 16-30 year old men, with a median age of 24.

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The content of the magazine reflects this. A news section covers topics of news for men with an interesting spin and some features give a more in depth view about around girls, crime, conspiracy, and sport. It has everything a man in their outlined readership would want to read about.There are various similarities to tabloid newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Star, readers of which would also be the main readership of Zoo magazine. For example there is a lot of emphasis on girls that men of 16-30 would lust after. Nuts magazine places them in a context that men of this age could associate with, for example in issue 9, page 3 girl Michelle Marsh reviews the weeks sporting action, predicting the results of Football and Rugby matches, All the while posing provocatively using props such as football boots and rugby balls.The Daily Star newspaper often uses a similar style to this, as it gives men the impression that these women are not untouchable.

The kind of ‘fantasy’ that this magazine and newspapers of a similar nature offer to it’s readers plays a major part in the appeal it has on its target audience. For example the regular feature ‘Look at me now’, which shows a regular ‘girl next door’ type modelling for the magazine, along with before and after images. The cover page of any magazine is one of the most important factors with regards to how much it will sell.It must attract the eye of a potential customer as it will probably be amongst scores of other magazines, some of which will be targeting the same audience. Zoo magazine uses a ‘pin-up’, an attractive lady on it’s cover each week, along with an outline of the main features that lie waiting inside. Again, the colour and layout reflect the general feel of the magazine, using bright, bold colours and lettering, as well as language that the target audience can understand.

The use of slang is obvious throughout the magazine as well as being used on the cover, this being another similarity to the tabloid newspaper. At the top of the page ‘Zoo’ is printed in bold, red capital letters, on a white background, helping readers to familiarise this with the tabloid newspaper. Having established that the front cover of the magazine is the most important factor in selling it in the first place, I think it would be safe to say that the content of it is what will ultimately persuade readers to purchase it on a regular basis.There are regular news features that provide readers with an unconventional look at the news that would appeal to the readership. For example in issue 9 there are four pages on the Leicester City footballers who have been embroiled in scandal in recent weeks. Along with an article concerning the impending court case, there is a sub feature which informs readers of how much money they could get for selling a scandalous story to newspapers. In all men’s magazines there are a number of pages dedicated to cars, and Zoo is no different.The cars are almost presented in a similar way as the females in the magazine, sexy, but ultimately accessible, and the reader is left with the sense that maybe one day he will be able to afford one.

The editors of Zoo know that everyone aspires to bettering themselves, and even though the readers of this magazine may be of the middle to lower classes, and may not be able to afford these cars, they will still aspire to one day owning one. In each issue of the magazine there is a Television guide, set out conventionally as you would expect to see in a tabloid newspaper, but with a manly twist.


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