The idea to escape from reality has always

The idea to escape from reality has always fascinated the humankind because to imagine things while living in actuality allows drifting ourselves from the customary. This competence of the human brain is what I adore the most. I often imagine myself in the search of the land of virtuality and computers as a portal to my destination. Computers not only gave me a way to live life extraordinarily but also provided me with a vision of the future.   

My passion for computers was developed by gaming. The curiosity to know the creation of every game led me to explore the vast world of computer science. Computer science is a dynamic, versatile field, full of open problems and opportunities for creative invention. On my journey through the virtual world, I came across a concept which would narrow the gaps between virtuality and reality. This would broaden our adventures over the limits of any screen or any Oculus headset. I strive to make this possible on the platform of ‘Mixed Reality’ and help in the innovation of this technology to contribute to the world. A platform so big that if built would turn empty backyards and warehouses into major gaming arenas and help us in simulations of scenarios and environment situations on a life-scale. This would allow us to edit the reality to larger extents touching no single substance of matter. I never ceased working toward my dream and kept excelling in computers. 

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Cruising swiftly on my journey of education, academics never hindered my progress. Applying my imagination to visualize the concepts of physics, and applied mathematics, I was able to perceive faster. Building anything of such a large scale could never overlook the laws of physics, and learning basic sciences in my academic career bolstered my vision and helped me to define reality better through my vision. Living amidst the advent of technology has taught me to take advantage of the Internet. Being a reader, I have always stopped to read blogs and research papers to enhance my knowledge. The passion towards my vision has kept me determined towards completing the course of education and has led my imagination to greater heights. 

Arthur Clark once said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” My dream is to become the magician.   


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