The ICT department

The final of the 4Ps that I have to consider is the promotion. This is one of the biggest parts of the 4Ps because if the promotion isn’t right then not many people will know about my new smoothie flavour therefore they are not likely to go beyond their reach to buy it. The main ways in which I’m going to advertise my smoothie is by TV and advertised at the prime times and I will do the same for radio. I will also advertised more on the website to corner shops in order to get them to start selling my new product.

However to get them to sell my product I will have to give them certain amount off the new smoothie or give them some of the profits once they have sold each smoothie and this should motivated them to sell more. When innocent first started advertising on television they didn’t hire media an agency for its screen debut, which is what most businesses do, they went down to the local park and shot the advert themselves. This meant their advert wasn’t very costly. I would keep this type of adverting as I think this shows how simple and natural innocents are.

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When I do my adverting for my new smoothie, I would do something similar to keep the company image of natural and healthy smoothies. If I was to add anything else to the advertising or was to change it, I would include something a cartoon animation about where the fruits come from and this will show customers how natural innocent smoothie is. However I wouldn’t change the current way that innocent do their promotion and adverting as I have said I won’t to keep the innocent image.

If I don’t change the innocent promotion I think it will become a strength as customers would realised straight away when innocent advertise on TV or anywhere else. With promotion costing a lot of money is important to get it right therefore it’s important that my product gets promoted in the right places. With the adverting already chosen, the only way to make it effective is advertising at the prime times. During 4-6pm is the best time for as this is the prime time however I have target females aged 21-29 therefore female magazine would be a good idea.

Depending on where I do my advertising I will need to state somewhere on the product that it’s a new smoothie and state the price in order to get customers thinking of buying it. When advertising I will state it’s a new smoothie and will also say that’s its customer’s choice. This is because I did questionnaire and other research to find out what type of smoothie customers want. Again this will encourage the customers to buy the new smoothie and this will work in my favour becoming strength.

Finally on the back of the product there will be information encouraging customers to give me feedback about the new smoothie which will again be strength for next time a new smoothie is introduced of innocent. The couple of weakness and treats is the price of promotion and the time it takes to get the promotion to the right places and right people. A political advantage that could help me is that if the government decided to totally ban advertising of food that is not healthy.

This would mean that adverting would cost less as not as many businesses that sell food would be able to advertise and my customers will be more likely to see my new smoothie. As time goes on technology is always improving therefore its important to have to latest technology to get the best out of your promotion and adverting. The departments that will be effect by the promotion work of my new smoothie are the marketing department. This is department will be effected the most as they deal with promoting and adverting product.

They will have to research into where the best place is to advertise my new smoothie and the best promotional method to use when adverting. The finance department will have to provide the money the marketing department can start adverting and doing their research. As well as the marketing department having to do research, the Research and Development is in charge of making sure that they do research on their competitors and on their products or service that they are selling.

They will do most of the research and the main research. The final department that will be effected is the ICT department. They will have to keep records of where the adverting is currently taking place for my new smoothie and any other information about promotion to do with the new smoothie will have to be kept on computers. They may have to print up certain documents about my new smoothie or be able to pass information on to other departments about my new smoothie.


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