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The Bank RobberyJohn and James decided to earn their money in a bit of an unusual way. They recently wanted to rob the bank next to their hotel due to their finical problems. James had planned a precise robbery method for months in advance. James chose a bank that wasn’t crowded and he decided that the right moment for a robbery would be when the staff is having lunch.

It was a Friday in summer, where most people are at home. James went to the plaza to check the area for security guards and he found there will be only one security guard protecting the bank, post office, and the other stores.John was preparing the weapons and the other equipment, everything was clear cut and the plan was perfect. It was 4 p.

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m. when James started telling John to hurry up they were running out of time and he wanted to rob the bank as soon as possible. When John got everything ready, they head out with their getaway car.

They start driving to the bank, John parked the gateway car in front of the bank. As soon they got out the car they put their masks on and loaded their weapon’s. They start running in the bank, as they got in, the security guard was right in front of the door. He was scared because all he had a taser so he did not fight them. As they enter the bank James start yelling at the staff ”Everyone on the floor this is going to be quick and easy you put the money in the bag and no one get hurt, I’ve got a gun and I’m not afraid to use it”. John pointed his gun at the bank employee and told her to put the all the money in his bag. The bank manager told her employees to do what they say and give them the money.

At 4:03 p.m. they collected all the money and as they were running to the door suddenly an alarm goes off because the teller pressed the emergency button beneath the desk.

James heard the police sirens so they took off running to their getaway car. The polices came in every direction surrounding the area. John started driving fast to get away from the police. There were about ten police cars behind them and two helicopters watching them from the sky. John and James were flying on the street, the police can’t keep up with them because they did not want to put other people in danger but the helicopters still followed them then john had pulled out his homemade laser to blind the helicopter and then helicopters backed off. They kept driving until they stopped at some gas station. They went inside from the back and took the cashier as hostages.

 John was scared and told James” this is the end we going to die here”. James was laughing at him ”don’t be scared we will survive this”. James kept talking to him to calm him down.The police found out their location and surrounded the area. John was panicking and wanted to turn himself to the police. James said ” if I’m not going you’re not going”. as James pointed a gun at him John said ”I don’t want to die”.

Then James said ”you won’t if you stick to the plan”.The police were outside surrounding the area. John ”I can’t do this I’m turn myself” as he ran out the door toward the police.

The police had their guns pointed at the door. Right after he stepped out that door he got blasted with at least 30 shots to the chest by ten different officers. He fell to the floor and with a pool of blood. James was inside with hostage as soon he heard the shots his eyes started to fil with tears, he knew that John going to die as soon as he ran out that door but he couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Now James is inside and he was planning to escape from the back doors of the gas station. He left the hostage inside and start running to the back door. As he enters the storage the cashier pulled out his gun and started firing. James took cover behind the refrigerator and started shooting back, he shot the cashier in the legs and left sprinting to his gateway car. James managed to escape to a safe hide out place no one but him and john knew. The hide out was right in the middle of a forest. As he went to the hide out place he took off his cloths and items and burned them everything he was wearing from gloves to shoes he burned.

Then James dug a hole in the to bury his guns and other equipment. Right after he changed into his ne clothing the first things he did was he got 4 pre-paid credit cards and went to the casino to trade in the money. The following day he booked a flight to Cuba then hired security and bought a mansion then he threw out his phone and bought a new one with a new sim card he didn’t want to contact any family nor friends because he might get caught. Life was going good for him he bought a yacht and bought nice exotic cars. With all of his wealth he decided to to celebrate with meth and crack cocaine within 2 weeks of daily use he got addicted he wouldn’t go out anymore more and started getting depressed. After months of living there he got hooked on drugs and started dealing with grief of his best friend that got shot by the cops.         He started blaming it on himself and how he got his best friend killed it was all his fault. He would get sleepless nights thinking about his old life and his best friend and after a long period of time he started thinking about suicide.

  Drugs and depression took over his life, he missed his old life in the United States and spending time with his family. He started taking daily walks near a bridge that is about 100 feet off the floor. Everyday he would take a walk past the bridge. Then he started to stop on the bridge and just stay on the bridge he would just take a few minutes every day to stare down at the 100-foot drop. Then one day he started picking up rocks and throw them down the 100-foot drop and see them shatter everywhere. He would drop one rock at a time to see how long it would take from them to hit the ground. Then one day he was high on meth and decided he had enough of life and he stood on the ledge and said ”enough is enough” then he jumped. Someone called the emergency services and the ambulance came and took him to the hospital he later died at the hospital.

A few weeks after his death the FBI found out his hide out and found his weapons that buried in the ground and they found his finger prints on the guns and later got new from the Cuban government that he committed suicide. The FBI didn’t know why he would commit suicide after a few DNA tests they found out that he had 3 times the amount of a normal intake of meth in his body.


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