The had grown to consist of 1400 beds

The Aravind Eye
Hospital was established by Dr.Venkataswamy in 1976. He had a modest start in
his profession only having a hospital containing 11 beds. Over time his
hospital had grown to consist of 1400 beds within 16 years. By this time in his
profession he had screened 3.65 million patients, in addition to this he had
executed around 335,000 cataract surgeries. Approximately 70% of these
screening and surgeries came at no cost to the blind population who are in
poverty in India. Dr.Venkataswamy had an objective to branch out his services
to the whole of India, Africa and Asia. This objective allowed him to plan and
execute his objectives.

is a terminology which had been developed by a sociologist who goes by the name
of George Ritzer. This term is a phenomenon which manifests when society adopts
the same characteristics which are usually found in fast food companies and
their methods of performance. In other words Ritzer believes that the principles
in which fast food chains work by possesses the ability to dominate practically
every feature that society consists of.

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is the largest food chain in the world, when calculated by revenue. The company
was established in 1940 as a hamburger stand. When they encountered a
businessman named Ray Kroc, he assisted the founders Richard and Maurice
McDonald to expand the business and make McDonald’s a franchise. Their unique
selling point was the speedy service which they offered. This added quality to
their business, qualities such as affordability and convenience. The fact that
consumers do not have to wait very long for their food to be prepared and is
cost efficient. Now that there is multiple McDonald’s branches and all over the
world, makes it even more convenient as people do not have to travel far to
purchase food. McDonald’s is the epitome of the term Mcdonaldization.

There are
four dimensions which make up Mcdonaldization. The first dimension is called
predictability, this means that customers already know what to expect. In
regards to the Aravind eye hospital, Dr.Venkataswamy applied the principle of
predictability by providing the blind with the exact same products and
services, regardless of who it was or the location. Every customer and “non-customer”
would get the exact same treatment, in the exact same manner no matter what social
demographic they fall in, gender, race etc. Predictability is beneficial for
consumers as it is important for them to know exactly what they are getting
themselves into. This helps the Aravind Eye Hospital to create a stable image
in the public’s eyes. So when people talk about the brand, more times than none
you would receive the same information and it will reduce confusion or
indecision for those who are contemplating using the Aravind eye hospital to
provide for them.


The second dimension
is calculability.


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