The Geological composition of Larimar


The essay is critical examination of Larimar. The paper will bring forth the geological composition Larimar, the importance and uniqueness, reason why it should be appreciated as well as the value of the same in USD. Larimar is in the family pectolite. It is characterized by hardness of between 4.5 and 5.

The color usually ranges from white, deep blue light blue, sky blue to green blue. The crystal system of Larimar is triclinic (Websters 2). Larimar was discovered by Mendez back in 1974. Mendez decided on the name after joining factoring in the name of her daughter Larisa and Mar which is Spanish word referring to the sea.

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Geological composition of Larimar

It is worth noting that the chemical composition (geological) of Larimar is made up of odium silicate hydroxide (NaCa2Si3O8 (OH)). It is composed of largely pectolite, the chemical composition is acidic. The formation is coined to volcanic rocks of Miocene period where andesites as well as basalts did erupt within limestone. More over, Larimar do have vugs which constitute a number of other important mineral aside pectolite.

It is important to note that the pectolite fillings were secondarily occurring within the flow as result of the eruption. Due to erosion, the pectolite were washed downwards toward alluvium and gravels along the beach. A river well known as Bahoruco did carry the sediments that contain pectolite into the sea. The action of tumbling during the transportation of the sediment resulted to the blue color of Larimar (Woodruff 21).

Although it has been fond in Bahamas, Larimar is a typical material found in the Central Republic of Caribbean. Two main locations where it is found are Los Checheses and Bahoruco Range. Since pectolite is a rock and it is what constitutes Larimar, this thus means that it has more set of minerals.


Larimar is an important resource that has been and need to be appreciated due to its uniqueness and use. This stone has been widely used in jewelry or ornamental purposes as well as in semi-precious market. Additionally, it is worth noting that in the past, the stone provided artists with a medium in which they could express their ideas. Since it was a durable material, this meant that such piece of art could be available after several years (Carlson et al. 234).

On the same note, it should be appreciated and opt to be as a result of its healing properties. The local of Central Republic especially in Bahoruco believe that Larimar can heal ease the pain as a result of inflammation, curb fever as well as reducing heat of sunburn. Additionally, the precious stone is seen as a radiant of love, peace, joy as well as clarity thus need to be used by individuals who are under depression.


The value of Larimar varies greatly but on the basis of size, weight and shape. Records reveal that the cheapest cost $ 5.00 while the most expensive is $138.05. The two main categories of Larimar are round and oval. The table below summarizes the value of Larimar;

Table 1. Value of Round and Oval Larimar

Round Larimar (size, mm)Weight(Carats)ColorPrice
13.707.75Mottled Blue$46.50
45?20SlabMottled Blue$18.75
Oval Larimar
9.7?13.5–Mottled Blue$5.00


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