The information will ensure that the research

The research objective is a statement, in as precise terminology as possible, of what information is needed.

The research objective should be framed so that obtaining the information will ensure that the research purpose is satisfied. Research objective have three components. Research question – The research question specifies the information the decision making needs. The responsibility of the researcher is to make the researcher question as specific and precise as possible.

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The researcher question asks what specific information is required to achieve the research purpose, or answer the research problem. If the research questions are answered by the research, then the information should aid the decision maker. Development of hypothesis – A hypothesis is a possible answer to a question. Development of hypotheses implies generating basically alternative answers to research questions.

The research determines which of these alternative answers is correct. It is not always possible to develop hypotheses, but efforts should be made.Scope or boundaries of the research – Defining the scope of the research or the research boundaries ensures the desired precision or accuracy of the result. It is aimed to study the car market and buying behavior of the customer. The project is analyzed the demographic, psychographic and buying characteristics of the customers in buying the car. It includes the detailed study of customers focusing on the various parameters that lead to identifying and understanding the perception of the customer in buying the car brands.Significance of the study A brand is a set of expectations and associations evoked from company or product.

A brand is how key constituents- customers, employees etc. experiences what you do. Some brands are of such great importance to people, that we speak of them as a part of one’s life and identity, being used to express one.

Some would say that these brands have their own personality, the brand perception, which can be defined as the set of human characteristics associated with a given brand.Because many people interact with brand as though they were other people, it is important to understand what a brand perception consists of, and how its characteristics can be used to affect the relationship between the brands and its users. Knowing and understanding the brand perception gives a good insight into this relationship, and into peoples’ attitudes towards the brand, and is also an important guide to communicating the brand.Like apparel and lifestyles brands, a car is extension of one’s perception. People buy cars which either matches their personalities or those which provide them opportunities of being perceived as somebody they aspire to be. This becomes significant as consumers move up the value chain from small compact cars to midsize and upwards. Research Methodology A research process consists of stages or steps that guide the project from its conception through the final analysis, recommendations and ultimate actions.

The research process provides a systematic, planned approach to the research project and ensures that all aspects of the research project are consistent with each other. Research studies evolve through a series of steps, each representing the answer to a key question. This chapter aims to understand the research methodology establishing a framework of evaluation and revaluation of primary and secondary research.

The techniques and concepts used during primary research in order to arrive at findings; which are also dealt with and lead to a logical deduction towards the analysis and results.I propose to first conduct a intensive secondary research to understand the full impact and implication of the industry, to review and critique the industry norms and reports, on which certain issues shall be selected, which I feel remain unanswered or liable to change, this shall be further taken up in the next stage of exploratory research. This stage shall help me to restrict and select only the important question and issue, which inhabit growth and segmentation in the industry.

New data gathered to help solve the problem at hand. As compared to secondary data which is previously gathered data.An example is information gathered by a questionnaire. Qualitative or quantitative data that are newly collected in the course of research, Consists of original information that comes from people and includes information gathered from surveys, focus groups, independent observations and test results. Data gathered by the researcher in the act of conducting research. This is contrasted to secondary data which entails the use of data gathered by someone other than the researcher information that is obtained directly from first-hand sources by means of surveys, observation or experimentation.Information that already exists somewhere, having been collected for another purpose.

Sources include census reports, trade publications, and subscription services. Data that have already been collected and published for another research project (other than the one at hand). There are two types of secondary data: internal and external secondary data. Information compiled inside or outside the organization for some purpose other than the current investigation. Data that have already been collected for some purpose other than the current study.Researching information which has already been published. Market information compiled for purposes other than the current research effort; it can be internal data, such as existing sales-tracking information, or it can be research conducted by someone else, such as a market research company or the U. S.

government. Published, already available data that comes from pre-existing sets of information, like medical records, vital statistics, prior research studies and archival data.


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